Best Cougar dating websites – Meet Older women and date easy using online sites 2017-2018

Cougar dating is one of the intensively growing orientation. Rather than having to manipulate things in a primitive hand-operated way by frequenting discos in order to find a perfect companion, cougar dating sites can get the job done much more quickly and safely. It is true that any woman who is looking to get herself some romance can go to a pub or club and aim at young men who would be looking straight at her. They could be interested in a relationship with her or just curious about what she is looking for. But, imagine how easier it would be to sit at the comfort of your home and scroll down your pages to find yourself someone who would fill your mind with some chemistry. It would take you seconds to truly find many of such men: young men who want to fool around with older women. They want to get to witnress this new kind of mixing.

Unlike the lolita effect which is also described as the sweet tooth daddy and is mainly about older men dating younger women, the word cougar dating means that an older women have decided to go on dating younger men. There is no more shame in any kind of relationships these days. It is more like the world has an open mind to everything related to feelings and sentiments. If you have a certain person in mind, you just need to look at how this will make you feel. If you are happy ; then, you are ok. It does not need to get more complicated than this.

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The internet is surely not deficient in what is the exact number of  websites that you will be able to find and that can provide you with the possibility to find your partner: whether you are a wildcat who is looking for her charming man  or the other way round. With so many such sites set up and readily available, it is important that only the best sites be selected for this purpose.

These days, the finest ‘lioness’ courting sites simply depend on what is called some software systems. These will help to find and match some women with their young men. Such algorithms rely on features provided in profiles such as interests, age, province, and such. This provides for a less challenging socializing process.

In this article, we are going to display very constructively about the top features to look for and the red flags to look for in any dating website that facilitates such types of relations. We will also look at some of the reasons as to why you may consider using the best sites for ageplay dating instead of just entering the first one that pops in front of you on the screen.

Reviews for best cougar dating websites features

If you are a woman who is looking to get into this new type of dating, it may be the right time you get yourself the right website to help you find a match. Below are what you should be looking for while browsing such great websites:

Membership plans

A site that can help show you where exactly you can meet or find a cougar ought to also provide you with a variety of different membership options. The best approach is to provide a free-to-join membership plan. From there, websites can have an option to
pay a certain fee for special services such as dating tips for women and the like.

Active members

Any somehow safe and good cougar website must show up front thetotal number of all registered members. The information should be available publicly and of course free of charge to help individuals who are surfing the pages get a good feeling about this place and decide if they want to be a part of it. On average, the best cougar dating sites host
about 6-15 million registered members.

Reviews: you need to keep an open eye on these

For first time users, reviews are perhaps the best guide to the best cougar dating sites to try. If a website appears in more than three reviews and ranked lists, it is definitely worth a try. The best approach is to pick 3 top sites that appear in more than 3 reviews. Begin with those.

Experience and legitimacy

It is rather unfortunate that more than half of all sites on where to date voluptuous women are not to be trusted. Always ensure that the company running the particular site of your choice is both certified and experienced enough. Since online cougar dating is somehow a new trend, look for websites which have been operating for the last 8 years or

Number of cougars/cubs

When your chosen environment has a much larger number of cougars, this is usually great for those males who are hunting down similar preys. They will have a more varied list of users and will help them find the best option for them.

However,when there are much more cubs hosted on a certain website, this will surely encourage some competition and invites potential cougars to the site. Before anything else, ensure that a site’s cougarconcentration and the total number of hosted cougar profiles are impressive. From there, you can move on to determine the rate of competition you are bound to encounter.

Free vs paid

A good number of arousing women dating websites offer totally free membership plans. As much as this can be helpful, it comes at the cost of having tonavigate hundreds of scams. They also record a much low success rate compared to paid sites where you can meet cougars.

Rate of your attainment of your goal

When you become a part of one of the good cougar website, it is very important that you get some kind of assertion that you will truly avail in the venture. In most cases, such sites do have some significant kinds of values like offering you numerousfree months to make sure that you are enjoying their services. Such services are available to users who have been active enough and have met some conditions such as connecting with a number of
cougars or having visited the website a number of times.

Area of coverage

Some cougar websites operate internationally while others have specified their areas of coverage. The former option is better if you are not restricted by travel or occupation and are ready to find and meet any interested cougar regardless of their location. The latter option is for those specifically looking for cougars in certain locations. For example, an Asian cougar dating
websites will be a better option for potential users based in Asia.
Some sites even specifically offer dating services only in specified

Ease of use and customer care

Technology is fast changing. A good cougar website should keep up with the changes. The user interface should be friendly and easy enough to use. There should be no unnecessary graphics, especially ones containing nudity. When it comes to customer care services, contact address, and real-time chat, services should be provided. That’s how you know they have nothing to hide.

Professionalism and discretion

Total professionalism and discretion should be guaranteed by a cougar dating website. Ignore sites that are flooded with sexual graphics and all sorts of ads. In fact, top sites should be fun to use and fun to come back to.

Red flags in websites to meet and find cougars

There are some features that may help you identify a fake website to
meet cougars. Below are some of them that you should be on the lookout

Not so real individuals

Many not very real and honest websites claiming to help young men find matching cougars are very active in regards to making fake profiles. They just add attractive
pictures, illegally sourced from social media platforms with some
accompanying profile details. You really have to make sure to run an online
search, on your own, for the source of some profile images and stated information about the person you might be interested in. It will be a shame to follow a certain person; and then, discover he or she is unreal and fabricated.

Instant messages

You don’t expect to set up a profile and receive instant messages from
cougars just after. This is very common with fake cougar dating
websites. Immediately after you provide even a blank profile, messages
from alleged cougars flood your inbox. This is a red flag.

Fake numbers

If details on the number of active and registered members cannot be
found anywhere else apart from the official website, the information is
not to be trusted. What you need to keep an open eye on is that it can be very easy for sites to make up a number. Anyone can state that they have millions of satisfied customers. But, you need to do your detective wor and get your facts straight before being involved in any one of them. Your playfulness depends on it.

Third party websites

One thing that you need to keep in mind is that you will have to completely disreguard websites ready to redirect you to third-party websites. In most cases, scammer sites provide links to alleged live camswhere you can chat with cougars live. Unfortunately, the live chats are actually uploaded videos only meant to lure naïve users.

Google traffic

Google is the largest search engine. By looking at the rate of incoming
traffic, you can successfully determine how active the website has been.

Celebrities couple photos

It is easy to get attracted to older women dating sites endorsed by couples made of well-known and famous people. However, always ensure that such photographs are licensed and up to date. Many times have we bumped into a couple who is made of a very well-known man and woman who have a huge age gap between them. Think of Maria Carey and her husband; think of Demi Moore and her husband and many others. These seem to have a one hell of an amazing relationship and of course, satisfying sexual life.  When you think of them couples, you get envious and older women and younger men start dwelling on such an idea,

Why try cougar dating sites and where to find the perfect analog

So why try dating sites for how to date cougars? One of the reasons is because it is very convenient and time-saving. Less than half an hour is all that is required to set up a profile on most top sites. The same cannot be said about spending half a night in a club in the hopes of hooking up with a cougar.

Another reason is that you will have the best chances of finding the right alliance. With millions of profiles to browse through, chances are you will at one time identify the best union person and one that fits your needs.

It is also relatively cost-effective. Rather than wasting a lot of money on drinks and clubs entry fees, you can pay a little membership fee and be in a position to connect with hundreds of potential cougars.

Are cougar dating sites where to date older women effective and safe?

Cougar dating sites where you can date older women are very
effective. As long as you have done your homework on how to identify legit sites, chances are you will not fail in connecting with the best match.

A lot needs to be done in ensuring that the websites you joined are safe. Just stay in the circles of sites that meet all the features discussed in this article.

Once you have identified a potential match, go to the extent of
researching more on their professionalism, area of residence, financial status, and such. The details must match what is provided in the profiles.

Safety can also be built by searching for cougar dating from
specified areas. If for example, you are familiar with New York or LA, you can try a search specifically for cougars in NYC. If you are in Asia or Russia to be more specific, you can consider Russian women dating websites.

Remember that you can always approach a professional or a friend when the issue of safety is concerned.

Where to find reviews for best cougar dating sites

As mentioned earlier, reviews are very important scrutiny tools. The good thing is that a lot of online platforms can be turned to for the best reviews on top sites where to meet cougars.

You can start by running a general online search for top cougar
dating sites. From there, look for specified cougar dating websites

You can also browse through people’s examinations for free cougar dating sites. But always remember that the chances of being scammed in free websites are much higher. This also goes for the level of competition and cougar concentration.

After getting some insights on what reviews have to say, you can log on to discussion forums with live chats and raise a discussion about a particular site.

In fact, chat forums are another platform that you can find legit
assessments of top cougar dating sites. This is because the input is usually provided by users who have tried the services.

Finally, reviews and testimonials as provided on official websites can be extremely helpful. But always be very careful with such scrutinies. To ensure they are legit, try searching more for the users who have provided the reviews. If they cannot be found on google, they most likely are fake.

Final thoughts

Society today is more flexible in relation to types of relationships
that can be built. It is one of the reasons as to why you may want to consider dating a cougar if you are into it.

Top websites for how to find and date a cougar are perhaps the best option. Among other advantages, they ensure for both the safety and the convenience of their users. You can start with a simple search such as how to find cougars in my area and build on later for more options.