Top 10 Ways to Identify a Cougar to Have Fun With

When thinking ‘cougar’, it’s likely a specific image appears. It incites images of men-obsessed older women looking for younger men to prey on and be sexually excited by. Doesn’t sound too great, right?

And while some definitely fit this assumption, there are many moral older ladies who want fun but aren’t crazy. There’s nothing shameful about dating older females. It can be a rewarding, life-changing experience! As long as both parties are equally benefitting, cougar-style relationships are extremely fulfilling.

But dating perfect cougars is tough, especially when initially identifying them. So if you’re keen to explore the cougar world but aren’t sure how to tell if she’s interested, keep reading!


Most cougars are usually 40 plus years’ old. During this age, it’s common for women to experience a sudden spike in lust, hence a surged desire for young men. This age is also notorious for being a stand-still life point, with feeling unfulfilled and bored. Whether she’s in a current unhappy partnership or recently divorced, 40+ is a classic cougar age.


Many cougars seeking hot fun typically boast impressive assets. Often living luxurious, elegant lifestyles with a multitude of extravagant possessions, lavish living is often a direct cougar sign. But don’t confuse this for self-absorbed materialism, as most older women are beyond narrow-mindedness.


If an older woman specifically targets younger men, she’ll input major appearance efforts. Knowing she’s competing with younger women, she’ll do everything to remain attractive. Most active cougars feature immaculate makeup, perfectly styled hair and irresistible outfits, specifically designed to draw gazes of younger males.


Besides clothing and makeup, keen cougars often work out. Typically regular gym-goers dedicated to excellent shape, older women understand they’re perhaps not as supple and physically fit as younger females. But this won’t stop them, making the gym a great place for meeting cougars too.


An older lady’s life experience means she knows what she wants and is hardworking. Sophisticated style and important vibes will be her shadow, with second-to-none organization and time-management skills.

Extreme confidence

Strongly related to appearance, older women know confidence is key to a man’s heart. She’s not stupid, and knows to standout above younger models she must exude self-assurance. She won’t hesitate to ask you out and be forward-thinking, and won’t let anyone younger impede her goal.

Hard to please

A primary negative trait cougars possess, being notoriously difficult to keep happy is often debilitating for men. At her age, she won’t have patience for time-wasters or messing, and will ensure you’re fully aware of her needs. From a younger male’s perspective, this could appear controlling, manipulative and spiteful even if unintended.

High maintenance

Directly tying-in with desires to look good, cougars often require expensive treats, outings and surprises. She wants to be treated like a queen, yet if wealthy herself will likely reciprocate. Generosity is a cougar quality many unfairly overlook, and you’ll certainly reap the benefits.


Perhaps not as obvious as above-discussed features, but a divorced woman in her 40s or 50s is a lot more likely to become a cougar. Divorcing someone is tragic, and the negativity will probably entice her to seek absent-minded fun with younger males. If spent years married to an older man she no longer loves, becoming involved with younger alternatives will be the perfect distraction.


Cougars are renowned for being punctual and coordinated because they want things on their terms. For every date, expect her to be on-time. Efficiency and practicality are key besides looking good, and she’ll ensure you know it.

How to Win a Date With a Cougar

Now we’ve identified tell-tale attributes most modern-day cougars portray, we must now discuss clinching one for yourself! Grabbing your perfect cougar’s attention is tough, but entirely worthwhile in the long-run.

Before panicking and worrying, it’s vital to remember one specific detail: she wants you in equal measure. If you’ve caught her eye already, you can guarantee she’s attempting to impress simultaneously. Use this as fuel for a confident approach, and be ready to play the game.

Set direct objectives and be 100% honest internally about your personal needs. Do you desire casual sex? Or something meaningful? Be truthful with your lusts and desires, and establish hers too. If on similar wavelengths with identical goals, a date is on the cards.

To seal the deal, have a date idea already mapped out. The last thing a cougar wants is a man who initially appears confident, but at first signs of insecurity runs away clueless with zero date plans arranged. Be bold in suggestion, and show maturity. Give her a time and place to meet, and she won’t resist turning up.

So, Should I Date an Older Woman?

If you’ve read until now and feeling intrigued, the simple answer is a big fat yes! Don’t allow cougar-related stereotypes cloud your judgement, and remember there’s nothing to lose.