The 10 Top Ways to Identify a Cougar – How to locate the perfect older woman to play fun with

The picture that hits folks’ minds after hearing the word ‘cougar’ mentioned is usually of this predating woman desperately looking for an energetic young man who she can sexually devour.

The term cougar itself is not that friendly. In fact, it can be blamed on the misconceptions that revolve around dating older women.

Truth be told, there is nothing wrong in dating an older woman. This is as long as both players are benefiting from the relationship.

But how can you identify that perfect older woman that you want to spend quality time with?

10 top ways to identify a cougar

Generally, cougars are usually forty years of age. Around that age, women enter a phase of life where their appetite for sex hikes rapidly.

It can be in terms of investments or liquid money. The fact is that most cougars have the finances to cater to their fancy lifestyles. They are also generous but only at will.

Don’t expect to find a cougar dancing herself crazy and sipping countless glasses at the bar. In fact, chances are that you will mistake her for the owner of the bar due to her principled manner of drinking and handling things.

Fairness and irresistibility
You are wrong if you are looking for a wrinkled woman or a makeup amateur. Cougars are extra careful with their skin, especially their facial appearance. No one will blame you for staring. Well, maybe their huge shaded bodyguards will take issue with the stares.

Fitness and shape
Cougars will sign up for gym classes and yoga if it necessary to keep them fit and in shape. Combined with healthy eating habits, expect cougars to gyrate intentionally.

Fashion forward
Forget the short skirts you were accustomed to in college. Cougars keep a watchful eye towards expensive fashion trends that bring out the woman in them.

Extremely confident
If you think that a cougar will hesitate to ask you out, you have not been paying attention. They never back away from going for what they want, no matter how controversial or naughty it might seem.

Hard to please
From a young man’s way of seeing things, cougars may prove to be a hard nut to crack. Try any pickup line you trust the most; chances are that it will backfire harder than it was fired.

Pretty expensive
From your end, not a dollar may ever leave your pocket when you’re with your cougar. However, try hold to your surprise when she stops to purchase a makeup brand worth a whole semester’s fees.

On time
If you find her in the club or somewhere else at specified times of the day, she might just be a potential cougar.

How to decide if a woman is a cougar

Assuming that the features above have convinced you that a certain older woman is a cougar, here are the steps towards the final verdict:

  • Play along while disregarding the rules that the general public places on cougars. Treat her like any other human with emotional needs.
  • Try the available means to learn her age. It can be 5 years less than the 40 years we identified earlier. It can also be above that limit.
  • Watch the professionalism employed in her makeup. Make a rough guess based on the effort that you saw while she did her hair.
  • Pay some attention to her sense of fashion. It may not necessarily be the Russian long fancy dress that hides her ankles.
  • Lastly, check the confidence with which she makes her advances. You, of course, have seen how those independent women will stare at your eyes and stand with the confidence of a flag.

How to win a date with a cougar

Convinced that you have identified the best cougar, one that you would die for in order to explore her world? It is time to try to win her attention.

Set your goals and be ready to play within a set boundaries. Are you after adventures? Is sex the only thing that comes to mind when you’re in her presence?

Understand that cougars are usually wrongly judged. Don’t enter the relationship expecting to be grabbed by the throat and forced to do nasty things which you will get paid for.

Be honest with your desires. Let her know that you would like to spend some time with her. Try not to sound complicated, for it will just annoy rather than impress her.

Know what she is looking for. You can try learning more about what cougars look for in young men.

Observe dates and appointment schedules very precisely. Be someone she can rely on. With time, a form of intimacy will build. You never know what time holds in store.

Should you date an older woman?

If you are worried about what the crowds will say about you, maybe dating an older woman isn’t a good idea. The fact is that society still looks at cougar relationships with a crooked eye.

However, if you are more interested in learning a thing or two about life in a fun way, dating an older woman may be the best option to consider.