5 lessons for men and older women dating – must know things when dating a cougar

Although it should not be used as the defense for any irresponsible behavior, men are polygamous by nature. That is not even close to suggesting that they are animals who can’t control their natural instincts. I know that many women like to use the sentence that men are pigs; but, this i ssomething different. Men do not have a problem sleeping with more than one partner. They are said to have some sort of needs that will be directed towards sexual acts. They love sex and all the feelings that come with it. Some women are the same way; however, the majority of men feel this way.

The most basic point that one has to realize is that both genders are entirely different. They are like two sides of a coin: inseparable yet very different. This factor can be seen when a couple fights and ends up realizing that it was just a misunderstanding or misinterpretation of a certain point or factor.

For men, dating is more about trapping the other sex when it is the least expected. For them, the climax of this new coupling happens when the woman is considered hooked and can no longer escape anywhere and to the arms of anyone else. It is for this specific reasoning that most of the men have the tendency to start acting carelessly once a woman agrees to engage in a sex act with them.

For women, it is completely different. Women are more comfortable in relationships based on intimacy rather than prowess in bed. They want to dream and feel like princesses. They want to go on a fairytale relationship instead of having a fierce sex night. For a woman, sex is a key indication that she is willing to let you into her world, hopefully for a very long time. If a woman sleeps with a man, she wants him to be a part of her life while men can have it as a one night stand. Of course, Mother Nature has her surprises, and things may not always work as described here. These differences mean that both partners must come together if a successful relationship is to be built.

5 lessons for men dating older women

In the later years of one’s life, things can get very complicated, especially when the issues are not well understood. As they say, it’s difficult to teach an old dog new tricks. It may take forever to convince a man in his 60s or 70s that a polygamous relationship is not the best for you. Trying harder is always an option.

Remain the man

Age can be unforgiving on many levels. However, that should not be used as silence for letting go of the manly duties in the relationship. Men are supposed to be disciplined, have a code of ethics, embrace and face their fears. Those are just a few of the qualities with which men bind their families together. So, if you are in your twenties or thirties, you are still the man in this story. So, act upon it.

Always be in charge no matter what the cost can be

Women feel so disgusted when a man is foolishly trying to find a way around a mistake they undeniably committed. She feels like she is dating or married to a giant baby. If you do something wrong, it is ok. We are all humans and we are all entitled to make mistakes. Do not be a coward and keep going strong with your behaviors and beliefs.

Be the captain

I can hardly wipe the memories of the steering tactics my dad used on our family. Sometimes, the efforts of our combined heads would hit a big wall trying to solve a certain issue. At the time, I never knew how he seemed to get everything solved, but I now know that the now old man rarely slept.

There are many difficult choices that are yours to make: use your brains.

At the end of the day, a certain decision has to be reached regarding a certain troubling issue. Tough decisions are to be made by the toughest member of the relationship. If you as the man shy away, someone will take that position. That is how long-term relationships dissolve. For older women, dating a decision-blind man is almost like pointing at a grave; it is a taboo.

You need to keep up with your strength

In the jungle, territories are usually marked on the basis of the male’s strength. It is quite the same with humans, only not that kind of strength. As a man, understand that the woman will be seeing a symbol of her power in you. This means that petty things like nags from the wife/partner should not send you exploding with blows and insults. You are supposed to be the last person to give in.

5 lessons for dating older women

You would be surprised by the number of kingdoms and empires that would fall were you to take wives from their husbands. In fact, I don’t think we would find the ground to bury the men in later stages of life that would abruptly die, were we to take their female partners away. Below are some lessons for dating older women.

Keep and form bonds

How is it that an older man who has probably spent most of his life with women still feels the need to find new pleasures in an older woman? Because women create new bonds which make a relationship feel young all over again.

Be a source of strength

Ever heard of the king who ruled a kingdom but was ruled by the wife in turn? Simply consult the history books on some of the longest lasting dynasties. They were based on strict marriage rules.

Build the relationship

If you want your relationship to be all about never talking things out, there is a small chance that the man will object. He will probably grab a bottle of beer with a friend and be over it before he even had time to process it. It should be you to forge the suit in which your relationship will fit.

Maintain beauty

Men’s eyes are their most active organs in the open. Ensure to feed them what they want to see. This is the part where you skip the nonsense about not being comfortable undressing in his presence.

Give life

With older women, it is unlikely that relationships will be started in order to make children. However, children can be made in other ways, such as befriending granddaughters or neighbors’ kids. Most men feel alive at the site of grandchildren.

What to expect in a man

Naturally, men will experience a drive to fix problems, whatever the cost might be. Men are very loyal and committed. It may sound like a paradox, bearing in mind that we identified men as natural polygamists earlier in this article. You only have to hear the testimonies of some CEOs and such who have worked at certain companies for decades.

From a man, women can expect a symbol of strength and a wall inside which she can build a haven. One very important thing that must not go without mention is that men should learn to listen and understand the feelings of their other halves, especially when dating older women.

What to expect from women

Naturally, women are more comfortable and very good at finding a way out of a situation rather than try fixing it. Women are more like the pacesetters. They are the ones usually to determine the man’s efficiency. In the evening after work, the man will be expected to find a house worthy of being called a home.

Sex constitutes a very important part of the relationship. This also goes for physical attractiveness. If you do not have chemistry with your partner; then, the relationship is not really going too well. It is in fact, very important that physical attractiveness is maintained even for older women. This means that women of any age should stay fit and look their bestas well as retaining a keen eye for fashion.Worout out and wear something trendy. There is no age for looking pretty and sexy. Profiles on older Russian women dating sites can explain the maintained attractiveness better.

In a nutshell, men are the leaders while women are the incubators of the ability to lead.