Important Lessons In Dating For Both Genders – Must know things when dating a cougar

Whilst this shouldn’t justify irresponsible, irrational behavior, men are inherently polygamous. In the animal kingdom, this means having over one mate at once. Not that men are animals incapable of controlling natural instincts, just that they’re more open minded regarding sexual relations with more than one woman during the same time. Some women are keen on this concept, but men are stereotypically in greater favor.

It’s vital to remember both genders are very disparate in sex and relationships. And yet, men and women wouldn’t survive without each other! Inseparable yet possessing utterly contrasting viewpoints, misunderstandings can occur without logical reason. For men, the fun of dating involves trapping women when they least expect it. And when they’ve hooked her and assured she’s not intimate with anyone else, carelessness can rise with silly mistakes.

But women are generally different. Often feeling greatest comfort in stable relationships, physical intimacy and princess treatment prevail over sexual prowess. If a woman sleeps with a man, this usually shows she’s serious and sees him as a proper life component. But men are much more susceptible to sex being casual.

And these stereotypes aren’t just prevalent in young people – the older generation are the same! Running on lifelong instinct, understanding gender-based differences and adapting is crucial to ensure effective romantic relationships. Therefore, important lessons must be learnt to achieve maximum success.

5 Lessons For Men Dating Older Women

Regardless of age, convincing virtually any man that polygamy isn’t ideal can be challenging – especially if he’s 60 and remained unmarried! But when dating older women seriously, certain guidelines must be utilized.

Remain masculine

A primary reason straight women love men is their masculine, dominant nature. So even when persuading her you’re committed to monogamy, you don’t have to sacrifice male traits. Discipline, fearlessness and bravery are to name a few. Look back when you were younger and remain the same – age need not incur changes!

Own your mistakes

If you make errors, it’s vital you own it rather than foolishly covering up. Women are repulsed by deceitful men, and she’ll feel she’s dating a giant baby rather than a strong man. If you do something wrong, remind yourself we’re all human and make mistakes. Avoid cowardice and be honest regarding your behavior.

Take charge

Especially when surrounded by family, combined opinions and butting heads can be detrimental when facing issues. Sometimes it takes one person to step up and take charge, and ensure that person’s always you. Show you’re a solution finder instead of cowering in the shadows.

Make the difficult choices

When in a romantic union, tough decisions must be made. If faced with a troubling issue your partner is struggling with, it’s essential to show her you’re the man for the job. If you shy away and refuse to take responsibility, she’ll look elsewhere for someone who can. This is a common reason of why long-term relationships dissolve, especially between older couples.

Keep up strength

No strong, independent woman wants to be with a man who doesn’t rise to challenges. If you’re always first to back down, she may get bored. Not that you should be overly stubborn and never consider her thoughts, but remaining strong and overlooking petty scenarios will help your monogamous relationship last.

5 Lessons For Women Dating Older Men

It’s no secret the number of historical empires and dynasties that would crumble if wives abandoned husbands. Male dominance and leadership has long withstood, but any strong man needs a woman to enhance perspective. Below are key lessons women should understand when dating older men.

Maintain emotional bonds

Many women wonder why an older man who’s spent much of his life alongside women still feels the urge to find new pleasures with another female? Women are exceptionally talented at creating romantic bonds, helping an older man feel young again.

Be strong

As mentioned, any dominant male enjoys an equally robust woman. Strict marriage rules aside, being there for him when necessary is vitally important.

Keep the relationship fresh

Routine isn’t wrong. But if you’re completely rigid and find adapting impossible, your man may stray. Being spontaneous is key, and never lose your temper if he has a beer with friends. You don’t need to be joined at the hip provided impeccable trust is there.

Maintain beauty

Males are notoriously visual, loving nothing more than seeing a beautiful woman. This doesn’t mean you must look glamorous and seductive 24/7, but taking care of your appearance and being happily intimate is paramount to maintaining happiness.

Consider children

Few older relationships begin with the goal of children. If this happens that’s great, but it’s important to note that children can be present elsewhere. Spend time with your friends’ or neighbors’ kids to introduce childlike joy into your lives.

What to Expect From Men & Women

Naturally, men innately experience solid drive to fix problems and source solutions – no matter the cost. Loyal and committed, this may sound a contradiction considering males are inherently polygamous in preference. But once settled in relationship bonds, nothing can break them. However, modern day men could improve by increasing willingness to listen and be attentive to feelings.

In contrast, women are generally better at adapting to adverse situations rather than fixing them. Notorious pacesetters and efficient, women often have a deeper connection to sex on emotional levels. However, not that females are incapable of one night stands, just that they’re more likely to associate sex with commitment and stability.