5 things women should know about older men – secrets of successful cougar dating

Young women usually find it easy to shape a young man into what they would desire him to be. It is, however, very different with older men. With age, desires, and other related factors change drastically. For such reasons, women might find it hard to understand, let alone shape, a man they are interested in.

Not much blame can be directed to women for not understanding what older men are interested in. In any case, society has continuously taught us that men should be the ones to understand women but not the other way round.

The good thing is that civilization and technology have allowed us to understand humanity better. Gender, age, and such factors can be relied on to predict probable sources of one’s happiness and satisfaction. The internet has popularized flexibilities in relationships. Today, older women dating younger men is not the taboo it used to be.

5 things women should know about older men

Mostly for older women, it is very important to acquire information regarding what may bring an older man closer. Below are five main things to know about older men:

They feel responsible
As men age, the natural urge to take responsibilities seriously hikes. Allow them to take charge of even seemingly little things that you can get done yourself. Rather than calling the plumber to fix a leaking sink yourself, tell the man that the skin is broken.

Age makes them brittle
Attempts to shape the man into something of your best liking will only shatter them and the relationship. Aim to understand their personality. This is mostly when it comes to opening up. Unlike you, a man will rarely complain or ask for something.

Small words can have big meaning
Chances are that an older man will not go down on his knees or shed tears during a romantic moment. This doesn’t mean that they feel anything lesser. Seemingly causal words such as ‘thank you’ or ‘you look great’ can mean a lot.

They can get sensitive
It is no secret that men tend to lose physical vigor with age, especially in regards to sex. Men know that and it troubles them more than you can imagine. It will be good if you can find room and reason to assure them that you still see the masculinity in them. Rather than pointing out their failures, suggest improvements.

Dating kind of harasses them
Failure is not taken well by men. It siphons the confidence in them and is usually proof that they should instead spend a lot of time in the bar. Unless there are clear signs that a woman will not send them to hell, older men tend to retrieve from asking for a date. It can be made worse by too many requirements for a man fit enough to date you coupled with your profile or your mutual conversations. It is one of the reasons why men usually go for the best app to meet cougars.

Things to avoid when dating an older man

Competition with younger men
There are reasons to believe that a younger man will win a battle over a woman. This is especially true when the woman in the picture is financially independent. If you are to date an older man, it is very important that he doesn’t sense completion from younger males.

Refer to signs of aging
The fact that he is getting older is one of those things you should think but not say. Even if it is a compliment on how sexy his grey hair is, it will need a miracle to convince him that you are afraid he is getting old.

Making references to past events
The man probably had his first date before Ukraine broke from Russia. You don’t have to remind him that you were a toddler or not even born yet by then. He feels like he should be accompanying you to a school rather than banging you.

Being judgmental and suspicious
Good luck with finding a man who will turn dumb for a moment when a hot woman walks by. However, it should not be a reason to be suspicious that the older man you are dating will leave you the next day.

Getting ahead of time
My dad knows Facebook as well as he should. I would, however, pity a younger woman trying to make him understand the use of features like tagging friends or poking them. Just don’t make him feel out of place. In you, he sees a haven, someone he doesn’t have to get pretentious with.

How to date an older man

Older guys do not find a lot of comfort in travels and explorations. This should not be misunderstood, however. Some of them are the most prolific tourists out there.

Make sure to learn the likes, hobbies, and desires of an older man you may be dating. For a start, such information can be accessed on profile details as provided. You can also always ask them.

Generally, older guys tend to enjoy their time most when spent with a woman who appreciates them. Bearing in mind that they probably do not have to hustle for money or work tirelessly at work, they find a lot of time to make out with their partners.

The best way to date an older guy is to manipulate your schedules in a way that you will can find most time for him. This is assuming that the factors discussed above will be observed.

Undivided attention to an older guy can guarantee you some of the most memorable moments of your life. All the traits you have heard that men should possess are likely to be amplified in older men. Younger men are usually confused and of course not settled. This is not mentioning dramas such as spending half a night in clubs and such.

Where to meet the best older guy to date

It is always good to date someone you know or have been with for long. If you are in a marriage, all you have to do is improve the ways you have been handling things.

If specifically looking for an older guy to date, online dating sites are perhaps the best option. Such sites host all sorts of profiles for older guys ready to start relationships. You can start with older men dating sites. You can also try your luck on platforms such as older Russian women dating sites. Older guys take their searches there since the issue of risking rejection is minimal.

All the same, you can meet older guys in hotels, clubs, museums, art galleries, auctions, golf courses and such. The best approach is to search for specific places such as hotels that older guys frequent.