5 Things Women Need to Know About Dating Older Men

It’s easy for a younger woman to shape a young man into her dream guy. However, older men are trickier with age patterns, longings and life experiences behind them. Transforming and capturing an older male’s heart is complex, leaving many young females feeling lost and confused.

But this shouldn’t be criticized, as older males are profoundly problematic to read. However, it’s possible provided you understand the inner workings of his mind and remain open to his wishes. Don’t resign yourself to only dating young guys if they’re not appealing, as clinching a sultry older man isn’t impossible. In fact, you provide many beautiful advantages elder ladies simply cannot.

5 Things Females Should Know About Older Men

They feel responsibility

As age increases, instinctual male protective nature seriously ramps up. A plethora of older males feel overwhelming senses of duty and responsibility, sometimes for situations they’re not involved with. Fixated on problem solving and appearing masculine, older males do everything to protect and provide, meaning you must appreciate this robust streak to make him feel valuably worthy.

Brittle nature

Older men are notoriously brittle to crack. Like a bar of solid nutty caramel, he’ll smash into pieces if continually pressed to reveal innermost feelings. If willing to talk, he will. But if unwilling, hell may break loose. Respect his privacy and don’t pry if a closed book. If wishing to discuss his emotions be sure to listen, but if he’d rather remain silent allow him this pleasure.

Less is more

Older men aren’t brilliant wordsmiths. If craving a mature man to shower you with romantic speeches, compliments and gestures, you may be sorely disappointed. But this doesn’t mean he’s unaffectionate and uncaring! Formality and professionalism is paramount in many mature male personalities, even with his girlfriend or wife. His mechanisms of affection reflect this, and you mustn’t take aloofness personally. Recognize he cares and don’t throw tantrums if he occasionally misses the mark.

Self conscious

Low self esteem is commonly associated with women, but older men secretly suffer too. Men recognize sexual stamina isn’t powerful like their youth, but telling him he’s still sexily attractive is key to happiness. If your body was plunging in looks, you’d hate to think your partner no longer sexually desired you.

Hate rejection

If taking the intimidating plunge of online dating sites, being rejected is the worst outcome. Emasculated and agonized, being rejected is guaranteed to hit a mature male hard. If uninterested, be subtly soft when declining advances and don’t insult or undermine him. Plucking up the courage to ask a young lady out requires immense confidence from an elder male, so even if indifferent it’s vital to respect his efforts.

Things to Avoid When Dating Older Men

Indulging competition

No man wants to witness the object of his affections flirting elsewhere. But if feeling directly competitive against numerous younger men for your time, devotion and closeness, he’ll explode. It’s crucial he doesn’t sense menacing threat from younger counterparts, and if you’re bombarded with flirtation from other males, stamp it out and display agitation. Older men value loyalty above multiple other personality traits, so ensure he knows you’re dutiful and trustworthy.

Mentioning age

He’s aware he’s getting older, and doesn’t want reminders. Even when complimenting his sexy gray hair, he may feel paranoid you’ll leave for a younger model.

Mentioning past events

If considerably older, he won’t relate to your younger years. While you were making mud pies and playing in the school sand box, he was out drinking picking up girls. Age gaps aren’t always detrimental, but chatting about childhood times could unintentionally make him feel ancient.


If you check out hot guys walking down the street, an older man is dead set to glance at a sexy female. But this doesn’t mean he’s cheating, and acting psycho and raging with jealousy will scare him. Older men aren’t receptive to whimsical nonsense, seeing unjustified resentment as frivolous stupidity.

Getting ahead of his time

Recent technological phenomenons like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are a daily ritual for you. But for an older man, he’ll be slower off the mark. Don’t be patronizing if he doesn’t understand these apps. Accept his lacking knowledge instead of snubbing his inferiority, and patiently help increase his tech education.

Meeting Older Guys to Date

If craving a distinctive silver fox, dating one is high priority. If keen on someone you already know, this is perfect! You don’t have to expand to meet a brand-new guy, and can easily test the waters with this acquaintance to identify potential spark.

Failing that, online dating forums are second best. With many catering for younger women seeking older men, a wide variety of mature males are at your disposal. Whether desiring a casual mature fling or a serious relationship, there’s bound to be a welcoming site suitable.