6 Dating Mistakes Older Women Make – Tips for Successful Mature Dating

It’s common for young men to see older women as ultimate fantastical visions. From cougars to MILFs, dating older females is a great commodity celebrated among many groups of young men. And if developing into fully fledged relationships, it can be distinctly rewarding with multiple advantages gained by both parties.

But if seeking to date someone younger as a mature lady, it’s a minefield when clueless. If divorced and absent from the dating scene, approaching young males is difficult. But fear not, as this article explores the most prevalent dating errors older women make without consciously realizing! You’ll also learn how to rectify these mistakes and build better quality relationships.

The Worst Cougar Dating Errors

Vague language

If not transparent with cravings, longings and desires, how will a man know what you want? They’re not mind readers! Be definitive and unambiguous when describing your thirsts, avoiding vagueness throughout.

Don’t try to act younger

If a younger male’s showing momentous interest, this suggests he’s pining for older sexy women. If he wanted someone younger, he would target youthful females instead! Don’t act hip and trendy, as it will deter him. When texting use simple words and type normally. Avoid using acronyms like ‘gr8’ or ‘2nt’ as he may cringe and feel peculiar.

Make it all about you

You might be older with greater life experience, but this doesn’t mean the entire relationship is your kingdom. Your cub may want to spoil you, but don’t continually talk about yourself. He’s unlikely to care about your ex husband’s blunders, weight gain you’ve experienced or what the kids’ school homework is this week. Play it cool yet ensure he knows you’re equally engrossed in his tales.

Too sexual

Various cougar companionships are sex based. But if your younger man purely wants hot nights of passion, he’d join escort sites. He sees more to you than just freaky experiences, so don’t unceasingly turn the conversation sexual.


Especially if using online dating platforms, honesty is vital. If uploading unrealistic photographs not representative of your current appearance, you’ll be sharply disappointed. Catfishing is massively prevalent within online dating, and is dangerously cruel if seriously admitted. If you’re concerned young guys won’t be attracted, work on self image.

The Importance of Your Dating Profile

If having little luck meeting fresh faces in public, dating applications are immensely progressive. The effort your profile receives is paramount to enchant, and you must stand out to counteract the skin and settle tactic.

Skimming and settling means users spend a mere few seconds investigating a profile before leaving. And they’ll only show interest in the best ones – no exceptions.

Having a super engaging bio and hot photo selection is critical, with sky high heels and skimpy outfits being instant attention grabbers. You want young men to feel immediate vibes, and dressing to impress is the finest method. And for your focal display photo, opt for images you’re dolled up looking exquisite – perhaps for special occasions. Enhancing your body is key to captivate younger men and beat competitors.

You should also be mindful of timeline activity and make changes accordingly. If your profile’s active for weeks and you’re yet to receive messages, it’s time to shake things up. Alter photos and rewrite captions to achieve results.

How to Respond

It’s grand to receive alluring messages from young guys, but responding is the most temperamental step. Give the wrong reply and you’ll likely hear nothing, no matter your hotness.

It’s tempting to act entitled and arrogant on dating sites, especially if receiving regular spotlight attention. But fight this, because no young male wants to interact with a woman who thinks she surpasses everyone. Answer questions flirtatiously without revealing loads. Men love chasing, and intriguing him will gain date invitations.

Building Relationship Bonds

You’ve been speaking a while and conversation’s flowing, so don’t be afraid to pounce first! Men love confident older girls, and if you feel ballsy enough go ahead. The worst case scenario is he says no, and you can move elsewhere.

Authenticating a man’s seriousness is important too. If continuously sketchy and rarely mentions feelings, he could hide something. The last thing you want is a man with an undisclosed purpose, as he could be a con artist.

Regarding first date locations, public places are best. Invite him over, but prepare for him to automatically guage sex to be happening. Hang out at the beach, walk in the park or go out for dinner if feeling fancy.