6 dating mistakes older women should avoid – tips for succeeding in mature dating

It is true that a great number of men are attracted to mature women looking for some form of a relationship. The same can be said about the number of potential competitors who are likely to outshine you in the hunt for the right man.

Age comes with maturity, and maturity comes with a sort of attractiveness that makes cougars almost irresistible, but this is not without a cost. For women close to or over 50 years of age, dating can prove to be a nightmare, especially when done wrong.

This article looks at the most common dating mistakes that cougars should avoid when dating. It also provides further tips on how more successful relationships can be built and maintained.

6 worst mistakes to avoid in cougar dating

Vagueness in language
Never assume that the man you are looking for will know exactly what you want that easily. For example, saying that you want a man who makes you happy is wrong. I can assume that showing you a clip of Charlie Chaplin will make you happy. Rather, explain how it would make your world if the two of you took a vacation to France or Africa. Be specific.

Use of unofficial abbreviations
Most of us will understand what you mean when you use the acronym ‘MILF’ for example. But if you type ‘2nt’, more of the men to come across that will think you are sending a cryptic message to NASA instead of understanding that you meant ‘tonight.’ Leave abbreviations and acronyms for naïve high school girls. Just be official. It won’t hurt one bit.

All about Me
Who cares about the jerk your ex was? How is a man supposed to stick around if you are nagging complains and misplaced praises towards yourself? Remember that there are hundreds of profiles that men might be interested in. Why don’t you take the little time you have to flirt and give him a taste of what is waiting for him if he is to take his time with your profile. You may want to take notes from older Russian women dating. They are so great at keeping conversations alive.

False pretense
There is no bigger turn-off than an alleged mature woman who can’t find it in her to appreciate her looks. The moment a man finds out that you are nothing like your profile suggested, it will take a miracle to bring him back on board.

Sexual content
There is a reason that the man came to older women dating sites rather than escort sites. Invest more in sentences and pictures that will tell the man how good of a time you are instead of how freaky you can get between the sheets.

Putting a price tag
It is okay that you value yourself very much. But never get to a point of turning merchant on the man. No matter how rich the dude is, he will be pissed off the moment he discovers that your interest in getting paid for services ranks at the top of your priorities.

Importance of your profile

What would you do if you had a hundred and one pictures of the places you want to and may choose to visit? The easiest approach is to skim and settle on the most attractive ones. It is the same tactic that men use when searching for a potential MILF to date.

Bear in mind that skim time dedicates very limited time for every profile; a lot of importance is associated with a well-crafted profile.

Start by choosing the best profile picture. High heels and a very short dress will surely attract attention. The unfortunate thing is that the attention will fly away just as quick as it was gained. These photos and the short-spanned attention that comes with them are best suited for sugar babies.

Rather, choose a profile picture in which you are dressed for a special occasion. For example, you can take a picture during one of your travels where a long pink dress was chosen for the occasion. You can also upload one or two pictures that were taken when you were dressed up for different occasions. For instance, a moment you were on the beach in pants would be a better way to make use of your body’s attractiveness.

Once you are done with the profile photo, take your time with the profile headlines. This is the information meant to introduce the man to who you are. Remember to keep the factors discussed above in mind.

Remember to always keep improving your profile in response to the attention received. Most men run casual searches such as how to find cougars in my area. So, it is important that you include specifications that might attract search algorithms to your profile. Keep in mind that zero messages probably mean something is wrong with your profile. It has nothing to do with your looks. You would be surprised by the number of men out there who would find you beautiful and absolutely worthy to spend time with.

How to respond to earned attention

Once you have invested enough effort in your profile, expect to receive invitations to chat rooms and messaging platforms.

Here, exercise the same caution you took with earning the attention. By the time a man has gone through your profile and decided to hit on you, they have a rough idea what you want and such basic details about your life, hobby, and interests. Since both of you are mature enough, skip the part when you would otherwise play hard to get. At the same time, this is no ticket to act desperate.

Fight the urge to sound and act arrogantly. It can sometimes be a common trait in independent women. Initiate or keep the conversation alive. It would be useless to try to force the man to chase you around. The two of you are not young lovers; you’re mature lovers!

Remember that it is in your power to terminate a relationship or a conversation you are not all good with. That is the beauty of online mature dating. It gives both partners complete freedom to be open with one another and craft the fate of the relationship.

Building the relationship bonds

If you are okay with the conversations and chats, feel free to make the first move. As we will keep saying, the relationship is about two mature individuals. No one will judge you for asking the man out or initiating a conversation that will lead to that.

It is important that you be certain of the man’s seriousness in regards to the relationship. This is the part you may want to consult Google on. Ask Google how realistic the information provided by the man on his profile is. The last thing you want is to hook up with a malicious online dater with intentions only they know.

First dates are best set in public places. You can suggest a restaurant or even a coffee shop. Some even prefer to meet on a beach or at a park. During all that time, try to be as honest as you can. It will be of little good to go against your principles or betray yourself in order to please another.