6 important guidelines to dating an older woman – Knowing your responsibilities

Dating an older woman is an experience that opens up new life experiences, fun, and explorations of all kinds.
But if all that is to be enjoyed, the whole dating thing has to be done right. A lot of cougar relationships have come to drastic ends even before any benefits were reaped for the partners.
So how can you ensure that you are not the one to blame for a failed cougar relationship?

6 important guidelines for dating an older woman

Understand her personality
Cougars are usually successful women who have risen high in society. For this reason, they tend to be kind of bossy but at the same time, flexible in their own way. Try playing her game by understanding what and how she wants it.

Gather all your confidence
Make no mistake, money, age, and success do not rip the feminine out of the woman. Naturally, women are attracted to confident men who are not afraid to ask for something or suggest new ideas. When it comes to bed matters, explore all your wild foreplay fantasies that have ever crossed your mind.

Drop the cougar perception
Even by the sound of it, the cougar is not that friendly. Treat the older woman as someone with the same emotional desires as anyone else. In fact, forget about the whole age difference thing.

Create a bond
As much as the relationship can be a onetime thing, it is very important that she gets to feel appreciated. The best way you can achieve this is by having as much fun and being as much at ease around her as you possibly can.

Remember you are not a stallion
Let it not be about mounting her every time you feel a spark down there. She probably has had a thousand and one such experiences. Let things develop outside of the bedroom, through unforgettable foreplay, and then back to the bed.

Keep emotions to yourself
Older women have a tendency to be kind of rude and demanding. Let that not bring out the lion in you. Otherwise, good luck proving to her that the lion in you is not a pouting cub.

Steps to building a lasting relationship with an older woman

First of all, ensure that the man in you is in control. The last thing an older woman needs is a baby who can’t stand up for himself because the crowds are saying this or that.

Maintain your life even when dating her. Let her see that you are taking a step towards maturity. You may have to skip some appointments with your boys or such. You don’t have to take a whole new personality ‘just for her’.

It is good that suggestions of places you can go or plans you can try come from you. For example, you can suggest a new dish to try once in a while. You can also be the one to initiate the process that will end in the bedroom.

Remember that most of your power lies in your youth. The more you can use that to your advantage, the more reasons the woman will have to keep you around.

Finally, it will be best if the years between you and her never cross your mind or interfere with your decisions.

How to maintain a relationship with an older woman

Now that you have built the relationship, it is best that you maintain it as long as the two of you are okay.

To begin with, keep at your fingertips the romantic traits of the woman is attracted to. For example, you can try showing your feelings with some gift or keeping track of her birthday and other special days throughout the year.

Never stand her up on a date. If you can’t make it, it’s best that you inform her in advance. When going for dates, take your time at home with your mirror.

Never be a jerk to anyone around her without a good reason. All the same, a roar sometimes is necessary in defense of your woman.

Make sure that the woman is not the one to guess what you want and suggest the same to you. Be honest and confident with your needs.

Just do as much as you can to not be a baby. Laughing about how poorly dressed a certain woman is will not have the same impact on her as it would on your friends.

Ensure that she can benefit from something by being with you. Maybe you are someone she can share some troubling experience with or someone she can send as a representative somewhere.

Finally, maintain the fire in the relationship. Pay special attention to fun and not emotions. Respect privacy and know how to ease tension especially during conversations.

Can a relationship with an older woman last?

Well, it can last as long as both of you are comfortable. From your end, the most important thing is to learn your responsibilities and keep within their requirements. If you have been doing things right, you need not blame yourself for the ending of such a relationship. Even older women can prove jerks sometimes regardless of the experience.