Good & Bad Points of Dating Older Women All Men Should Know

Inspirational, fulfilling and intellectual – just a snapshot of what dating an older woman can feel like. Equipped with an array of life experiences and great communication skills, cougar dating could offer plenty more advantages than younger females.

However, in today’s community, the notion of cougar relationships receives negative connotations. Many unfairly judged, many cougar-seeking young men feel embarrassed or hesitant towards their companionship preferences through fear of judgement. But that’s all about to change, because here are top reasons dating older women is magnificent!

Positives of Dating an Older Woman


A serious cougar values honesty, truth and integrity, three things essential to keeping relationships afloat. An older female will typically make what she wants crystal clear, so as her cub you always know the score. Making ‘playing the game’ simple and effortless, not knowing where you stand is rarely an issue with cougars.

Brilliant communication

Hand-in-hand with openness, older females are often superb communicators. Frankly open with their thoughts and feelings, life experience has formed their successful path. In contrast to younger women who often struggle to understand themselves fully, cougars have this covered and won’t bore you with whining.

Extra maturity

With age comes emotional maturity, and that’s precisely what you’ll receive when dating older women. Not prepared to waste time dwelling on stupid arguments, mistakes and errors, older ladies will provide mature direction. This can provide hugely positive influence to your lifestyle too, encouraging you to branch out trying new things.

Better sex

Younger women may appear hot and sexy, but their bedroom experience cannot compare with a cougar. Probably boasting decades of sexual activity under her belt with multiple men, a cougar knows precisely how to pleasure a man. And because older women understand the impending younger female competition, she’ll likely place enormous emphasis on appearance. Manicures, blow drys and perfect makeup await you both in and out of the bedroom.


It’s common for young men to experience a quarter life crisis, feeling unsure with little life direction. But with a driven, successful cougar to rely on, she can provide maximum inspiration and incentive to help get you through the rut.

Negatives of Dating an Older Woman

Whilst the positive features of cougar-style relationships are undeniable, they’re equipped with negatives too. Age gaps don’t always have to constitute problems, but they can occasionally be too great.

Difficult to understand

Especially if she’s divorced or been seriously hurt by previous partners, truly understanding the soul of a cougar is challenging. Potentially guarded and a tough nut to crack, she may never feel completely happy opening herself up to you emotionally. And if the case, you’ll have to endure the struggle or find ways to move on.

Little in common

If mainly sexual in nature, this will be an unlikely concern. But if you’re seeking serious companionship, having common interests, hobbies and desires is essential for longevity. Age gaps can become a debilitating factor in this, as her amusements may appear old-fashioned to you and yours may seem immature, stupid or childish.


Many cougars ooze confidence, sass and self-assurance. But in the back of their minds there’s always the notion of competition. She realizes she’s no longer young, and the threat of younger women could be too much to bear. Insecurity may be rife if she witnesses you interacting with young females, and if ever feeling deceived or lied-to she could explode.

Unable to have children

Most cougars are typically 40+. While some can still technically conceive and give birth, many are biologically incapable due to age. So if starting a family is your primary goal, re-thinking your cougar preferences is wise.

Can I Marry an Older Woman

The short answer is this: absolutely! There’s zero rigid regulations and rules regarding love, and if you’ve found your soulmate in a cougar and marriage feels natural, there’s no barrier. But as previously discussed, establishing your long-term goals is ultimately essential to identify the authentic long-term prospects.

If you’re desperate to have kids one day and she’s not, it’s unlikely to be prosperous. Or if she understands the biological clock is ticking and wants children immediately and you’re unready, this will be equally problematic. Compatible aspirations and life-goals is vital for any aged marriage, not just cougars.

And if you’re concerned regarding stigma, cougars probably aren’t your ideal partners. Older women need confidence, and they’ll desire a younger man who’s proud to be around – not someone who’s ashamed and wants to hide. Provided you’re strong in knowing your long-term life requirements and ensure they match hers, cougar relationships can be life-changing experiences! Whether casual or serious, you’re guaranteed to learn a great deal both mentally and physically.