Ultimate Guidelines When Dating an Older Woman

When dating older females, life experience gained is immeasurable. But if you decline during initial dating phases, there’s tiny chance of symbolic progression. Plenty of cougar-style relationships have been crushed because of this, and end before properly beginning.

So if you’re passionately enticed by charming older women but aren’t sure of accessing the cougar dating scene, here’s a fundamental collection of protocol guidelines you need.

Make effort to understand her personality

When dating older ladies, it’s likely they have higher social community standing and lifelong proficiency. Their experience has taught them precisely what they want from romantic relationships, which makes them overtly picky and rigorous when analysing potential cub counterparts. Whilst this may make her temperament appear strident and taxing, making conscious efforts to understand and tolerate is crucial.

Be confident

To prove you’re the best suitor, never underestimate the power of confidence, momentum and spirit. No experienced female will care for a younger man who’s meek, bashful and utterly monotonous, so showing premium style and confidence will impress.

And this applies to the bedroom too! Older women don’t just have life’s wisdom, they’re also majorly sexually experienced. Listening to her needs and satisfying them is a game-changer.

Don’t see her as ‘just a cougar’

Just because an older woman’s dating younger men, this doesn’t mean she wants to be forever branded as a seductive cougar. Treat her the same as you would a female of your age (unless she instructs otherwise) and ignore age differences. The unfair stigma of cougar companionships takes its toll, so ensuring she’s aware you don’t just view her as a man-eating cougar will bolster her confidence and maintain feeling valued.

Satisfy her from more than just sex

An abundant stereotype of cougar relationships is they’re solely based around sexual fantasies. And while accurate for some, using her as a sexual object will turn her off and potentially offend. Let things develop naturally and specially seduce, but cherish this woman in other ways and regularly display appreciation.

Starting a Long-Lasting Relationship With an Older Woman

Whether you desire casual sex flings or serious connections, there are certain steps to success. Firstly, restrain yourself! That may sound odd, but when faced with your ultimate dream cougar you could get overexcited – and she may not respond positively. Stay cool, calm and collected whilst still showing enthusiasm.

It’s also important not to freak-out emotionally. Remember to continue living as normal while dating, and don’t pester with constant texts, messages and phone calls. You must show maturity and intellect to impress older females, and letting her lead communication pacing will dramatically help.

Finally, suggesting fun date ideas is a sure-fire excitement method. Instead of same-old bars and restaurants she’s visited a million times before, suggest innovative day trips and unique outings. Show your imaginative side and she’ll be appreciatively smitten.

How to Sustain a Relationship/Affair with an Older Female

If you’re solely seeking one night stands, longevity probably isn’t prioritized. But if craving something serious or long-term, sustaining it could be challenging.

Women appreciate little things over extravagant romantic gestures, older females even more. Minute details like sending sweet good morning texts and remembering to check-in if she’s feeling sad are all minor acts of care that may seem insignificant but certain to mean a lot.

And never cancel dates or let her down if you can avoid it. Older women don’t have time for messing – they know what they want and if you can’t provide they’ll look elsewhere. To keep her interested and establish desired exclusivity, taking date plans seriously and following promises is key.

Can a Relationship with a Cougar Really Last?

There’s no set-in-stone answer. The fact is, it strongly depends on your compatibility, individual characteristics and long-term goals. During initial relationship stages, sex and having fun may take over with cougar fantasy at the forefront.

But for relationships to last, establishing what you both want is crucial to avoid wasting time and enduring disappointment. This sentiment applies to virtually any relationship-type, and being honestly upfront regarding aspirations and motives is paramount.

If you’re hoping to have kids and start a family, make sure she’s aware. As an older lady who may already have children, this might be a deal breaker if she’s uninterested in the same. And if she doesn’t turn out to be as fabulous as hoped, don’t persevere for pride! Too many young men are so fixated on the cougar-fantasy, they forget to step back and freshly look at the situation. Despite her being attractive, sexy and extraordinarily fun to spend quality time with, if her negative traits outweigh the positives it’s time to say goodbye.