6 things men can’t stand in older women – what you might be doing wrong with your dates

Dating websites have made it relatively simple to meet cougars today. For older gals, dating has very little to do with experimentation and analysis. The more you can get things flowing smoothly without having to cope with daily dramas, the better.

The problem is that older gals are often endured with the difficulty of holding romantic affairs together for long enough, sometimes longer than they would have wanted. Even worse, the real cause of a disintegration can stay a mystery and actually become a recurring problem.

As it happens, it might be that you having been going about things in the incorrect way.

6 ways older females drive men away

Any of the following things or a combination of them will not only push a man away but also depress him to ever considering giving you the advantage of uncertainity:


It is okay to ask the man a few questions about work, how his day was, and such. However, you will have to be very cautious where to draw the line. He must not for any logic feel as if his privacy is being invaded. Don’t keep enquiring about his location, what his plans for the evening are, and such. Not even a mature man can stomach that.

A dragged bitter past

The last thing a new man in your life wants to hear to is a tale of how people have wronged you in the past. If an affair with a mature man is to work, make sure to never bring up subject matters of a past affair in which you were upset poorly. Well, even if you are to mention something about it, it shouldn’t feel like your life depended on it.

Love found so quick

You definitely don’t want the man to see you as a baffled teen who barely knows how affairs work. Even if you are persuaded he is the Mr. Right for you, give it some time before declaring your love for him. MAke sure that by the time that comes up, he too actually feels the same.

Being another man

It is likely that you have had to compete with men for job position and such. In fact, it may be that you really are good at bullying men. That will be something you will have to transform if a man is to stick around in an affair. He wants to see the gal in you. It will not upset to do some housework like making meal yourself sometimes.

Attached at the hip

In any case, you had a life before the two of you met. This is something that still needs to be there even after the affair. The man should not feel like he had just joined for the most adapt spy utilities in the world.

Making him feel out of place

If the man cannot actually feel like a man in the affair, he definitely will take his leave. With age, men become more sensitive to the fact that they might just be falling for some of the characterisitics that are contemplated masculine. This comprises the fact that he may not be able to sexually perform as deeply as a younger edition of him would.

How to improve a relationship with an older man

One of the best methods you can use to advance with an older man is by relying more on physical bonding rather than words.

In later ages, men will rarely be moved by sweet and romantic words. Telling them how you can’t sleep at night thinking of them will not even sound right to you. Rather, begin with sporty activities that consists of some contest.

It is difficult to find a man who is not into sports. Keep notice that it doesn’t necessarily have to be physical sports like football or golf. In fact, it can be a computer game or a cooking challenge. This is usually the best method to bonding with an older man.

Next, prove to him that you can make your own mature conclusions. One of the main logics as to why older gals are likable is because they are self-reliant and mature. Keep in mind that he is not only looking for any gal. He probably is looking for someone who can support and in fact progress his decision-making skills.

Another very important aspect to keep in mind is that no matter the age aspect, men are always enchanted to alluring gals. In older gals, enchantment is delimited in terms of sentimental maturation, physical enchantment, and subject matters that find their way into a chat.

When is the right time to say the ‘L’ word?

So, when is it right to tell a man that you are into him? Well, it relies on how things have been going between you two. Keep in mind that the circumstance will include two fully-developed adults who neither have room for lies nor find much excitement for the whole love thing.

To an older man, declared love needs to make sure that he still will retain most of his old life. It also means that he will not be compelled to sacrifice the independence he rejoiced previously before dating you.

Before declaring your love for the man, make sure that he has shown some indications of sharing the same sentiments. Possibilities are that he won’t say it in words but rather tell it with his actions. Be on the search for things like more invites to dinners, calls, praises especially when it comprises noticing changes in your hairstyle, dresses and such.

How long should you wait

Life is too unpredicatable to be stranded with a guy, who you are not sure, is serious about you or not. It is very important that you know when to terminate your affair that will probably direct to a dead end.

One of the indications that a man will never consider you serious is keeping you fully off and out of his life. Although we have said that sustaining secrecy is important, the man needs to at least let you know some things such as his expertise, past affairs, and most importantly his future plans. If you can see a place for you in his plans for the future, you need not be told that he doesn’t see you in that future.

The best way is to ask him directly. Afew consecutive are quite enough for any mature man to have worked out if he intends to keep you around or not.

It can also be that you don’t feel like he is the one for you. Again, a couple of dates are enough. Although it is very important to not make any rushed conclusions, dangling onto an affair you are not into will prove a waste of quality time in the end. In any case, you can always give it another try anytime. Dating forums such as Asian cougar dating forums are consistently beating the odds in coupling up companions nowadays.