Top MILF Misconceptions – The Reality of Dating Older Women

Millions of young men fantasize about dating an older woman. However, the volume of fictional illusions and unfair misconceptions shrouding MILFs often taints this fantasy, with many regarding them as raw facts as opposed to mere hearsay.

So if you’re keen to exploring MILF dating but feel daunted by potential misunderstanding, this article will officially set the record straight!

Misconceptions of Dating Older Women

Overly demanding

For a plethora of younger males, drinking in clubs, enjoying urban music and playing video games are priority – and none of these activities will enthrall a cougar. But this doesn’t mean a young man’s powerless to meet her needs, it means compromise is necessary. Many wrongly assume an older female will be wickedly demanding and obstinate against hobbies she deems immature, but this is rarely the reaction.

Less attractive

It’s no secret younger women offer greater natural beauty than older ladies. Their skin is plumper with fewer wrinkles, and their bodies more supple. Whilst this is somewhat accurate, older women can still maintain good looks. In fact, MILFs are stringently conscious of appearance, and will place huge emphasis on pedicures, hair stylists and snazzy outfits to look sexy.

Relationships never last

Whilst many cougar relationships are sex based, this doesn’t mean they’re doomed to be casual forever. Often leading to fully fledged serious companionships for both parties, MILF unions aren’t always flippant and short lived.

Man crazy predators

Perhaps the most prevalent stereotype of all, many regard MILFs as being male obsessed sexual carnivores desperate for attention. Whilst they may desire younger men above others, this doesn’t mean an older lady will pounce unexpectedly and act a home wrecker. There’s a multitude of reasons why younger guys find cougars attractive, and predation isn’t apparent.

Never want children

It’s true many older ladies likely have existing kids and are uninterested in conceiving more, this isn’t always the case. Women are statistically bearing kids older than ever before, their bodies physically capable well into their 40s. So if your primary future plan is having a family of your own and you’re convinced a cougar can’t oblige, it’s simply untrue. The best method of establishing this reality is to just ask! If she’s physically unable or not keen, you’ll know the score early on.

Notorious cheaters

Because of the inherently casual nature most cougar relationships are scorned with, many speculate all MILFs will be unfaithful. Cheating happens, but it occurs across virtually all relationship arrangements – not just older women with younger guys. Mature ladies possess no higher likelihood of cheating than other ages, as this act solely comes from unhappiness within the relationship.


Older women are likely to be mothers and divorced or separated, but this doesn’t have to be intensely negative. Multiple cougars are strong minded and focused on what they want, and won’t allow ex husbands or kids get in the way. And if your relationship is strictly casual anyway, her personal family affairs aren’t your concern.

Why Are Cougars Misunderstood?

Rumors and stereotypes don’t originate from thin air; here must be deeper rooted reasonings behind them to explain such atrocious patterns.

Limited knowledge

Narrow mindedness and lacking education is primarily responsible, with little exposure to stories of wholesome cougar relationships. With restricted information comes automatic assumptions in an attempt to justify a particular situation, and that’s precisely what happens toward MILFs.


Rumors spread like wildfire, whether they’re true or false. What starts as an innocent joke between friends about how older women can devour younger men, will be re-told and highly exaggerated in a new setting. Spreading continues until the original banter has been magnified into an entirely different version.

Unrealistic goals

When embarking on cougar relationships, many younger men approach with rose tinted glasses and aren’t 100% honest. If they’re looking for something meaningful and their chosen MILF isn’t, they may continue the journey pretending they’re fine. And when no longer able to fake their happiness and exploding with true feeling, the relationship backfires and all hell breaks loose. Such negativity can lead to instant stereotypes of entire groups of people, with cougars often in the firing line from bitter younger males who’ve been burned.

Can MILF Dating Really Work?

Dating older women is only successful if you’re both unapologetically honest about what you want. If casual sex is the agenda or something long-term and substantial, it’s essential you establish the conditions of your relationship immediately after attraction. And because of the significant age gap, these conclusions are even more essential.

And even if you don’t actively choose to date MILFs, things can happen when you least expect them. Couples find love in the most random of circumstances, and you may find an older lady’s your soulmate without sincerely searching for her. Regardless of age discrepancy, love prevails and provided you’re both intrinsically happy that’s all that matters.

Where to Find Older Women to Date

Being physically allured to a cougar is simple, attracting and securing her is the tricky part! It’s relatively easy to tell if an older woman is interested, your response being paramount to meeting the right one.

Online dating is renowned for connecting cougars and cubs because of its convenient nature and expansive selection of profiles. You’ll be exposed to an endless array of hot older women to swipe through, many of which you wouldn’t otherwise meet. Conduct research to establish which site is best for you, create a profile, and see what happens!

The most essential step is to set individual goals and define what you want from future life. You can discuss these plans when appropriate with your interested MILF, and if she’s compatible you could have a brilliant relationship opportunity on your hands.