7 misconceptions everyone thinks true about MILFs – the reality of dating older women

Dating an older woman is one of the fantasies that crowd many younger men’s minds. The problem is that it is shrouded in many misconceptions that many people hold as facts.

Traditionally, dating has mostly been about two people from opposite sexes and in the same age bracket coming together as a couple. As days go by, we are seeing many other types of relationships that defy this unwritten law of nature.

If we are to get it right, lessons are best learned where new things are tried and mistakes are made. One would rather remain single rather than be stuck in a relationship they are not comfortable with. In this article, we will look at some of the most common misconceptions that shroud cougar dating.

7 misconceptions you shouldn’t believe about dating an older woman

Older women are too demanding
For men, being young is all about going to clubs, playing video games, listening to urban music and such. Not one of these interests will make the list of an older woman’s favorites. However, it doesn’t mean that a younger man cannot meet the needs of the older woman. In fact, both partners will be able to learn new things and actually try new hobbies in such a relationship.

Age is a ticking bomb
It is true that younger women naturally look more beautiful. However, older women are known to be extra-cautious with their looks. Chances are low that a younger man will be driven to break the relationship due to lost beauty courtesy of age.

The relationships never last
Any relationship based on love will defy most challenges and exist as long as both partners would have it and want it that way. The only reason a breakup is coming is due to the reality that either one or both partners never intended it to last long from the beginning anyway.

Older women are predators
It is not without reason that the term ‘cougar’ was coined. Many people think that the younger man probably is being taken advantage of. The fact is that younger men actually find older women very attractive for a number of good reasons.

Younger men will be off for families
It is expected that younger men be making plans to start their families. Families are mostly defined by having kids. Since older women are mostly not prepared or able to make babies anymore, it is assumed that younger men will break the relationships to find a fertile partner. This is only possible if the man wasn’t aware of what he was signing up for in the first place.

Cheating is inevitable
Dating an older woman is seen as a situation where the man cannot escape the temptation to find a younger version he can relate to in terms of age. The fact is that older women are way more fun to date than younger women.

There is too much baggage involved
It is true that older women are likely to have been married or have had kids already. Not any of these is supposed to negatively affect the relationship. One of the desirable traits of older women is independence and knowledge on what they want. Any serious cougar will have taken care of these attachments and how they will affect the relationship. Besides, you can always keep things out of her family’s way.

Reasons why cougar dating is wrongly understood

People make assumptions based on observations and knowledge they have; however, it is usually limited in many ways. Below are some reasons as to why cougar dating is wrongly understood:

Limited knowledge
Topics like dating a MILF are not the ones you want to start with your parents. It, therefore, means that younger men must find the little knowledge they can for themselves.

Circulated rumors
Rumors spread like wildfire. The moment a friend jokes or tells you about how older women can devour the life out of a young man,  someone else will re-tell an exaggerated version of that story to two other friends and so on.

Trial and error daters
Some people are just into the relationships to see what will come of them. Like any other experiment, results are not always very encouraging.

Misspelled goals
The biggest problem you can have before taking on any embankment is to not set or set unrealistic goals. When it comes to relationships, for example, you will have to make many defined goals on what you want to achieve and the time you can allocate for them.

The natural rules of nature
Something being done by most people appears to be the right thing to do and live by. Since the concept of older women dating younger men is relatively new, it is only natural for people to think it is wrong.

Can dating a MILF really work?

If you are any familiar with cougar relationships, you know that different such relationships are started for different reasons.

For example, it could be that both parties are in search for someone to share some life moments together. This mostly involves no strings attached and doesn’t have any duration of time that it should last.

It could also be that the couple has found love in each other. And history can bear witness; love is the strongest naturally binding force Mother Nature has so far forged. So far, there haven’t been official requirements for two people to fall in love.

We have seen cases where a younger man ended up marrying an older woman. It is all about listening to your heart and giving it enough time. Note that infatuations can very easily be confused with love. The best way to beat this dilemma is to give it time before tying the knot.

Where to find the right older woman to date

It is not hard to tell when you are attracted to an older woman. It is equally easy to tell when an older woman is interested in you. This can happen to anyone anywhere.

All the same, taking the online dating option can be credited for most of the cougar relationships that exist today. Online cougar dating sites with complex features have been developed and can be utilized today. For example, you can specifically search for how to find cougars in my area or specify the race of an older woman you may want to date.

If you are interested in dating an older woman, the best approach is to first set your goals and actually learn what goes into such dating. From there, try online sites that are popular in facilitating such relationships. In fact, chances are that you will come across more options than you can handle. The good thing is that you can always look for the specific features you are looking for in an older woman.