The 8 best tips of dating a Cougar – The dos and don’ts every man should be familiar with

Wrong cougar dating skills can end up ruining a relationship even before it has even begun. Fortunately enough, just almost anything can be researched on the internet today.
Dating a cougar is much different from dating a young woman of the same age bracket as you. Most men are unfortunate enough to learn this just when it is too late.

8 best tips of dating a cougar

Let’s explore some tips that can help improve your relationship with an older woman you have found interest in:

Missed dates are a bad idea
If you can’t find the time, don’t make promises that you will appear on a certain appointment or date. In fact, find the time to get there before the date starts. Cougars are always on time, and they don’t want to wait for you.

Sex is not everything
Older women have probably experienced a lot of physical intimacies in past relationships. Invest most of your efforts in foreplay, massages, and naughty stories.

Understand what you are looking for
Not all cougars are the same. Some are only looking for a guy to spend some fun time together. Some, on the other hand, are looking for satisfying sexual benefits. Understand these types before hooking up with a cougar.

The player tricks won’t work
Men are somehow condemned to be players by nature. But you better not try it with a cougar. Older women can tell that you are cheating from the very first day.

Your emotions are your own problem
You would better not try the crying thing with cougars. If you have had a bad day or something, leave the issues at home to deal with them later. For the time being, give the cougar what she wants.

Your fancy is next to garbage
If you want to impress your cougar with fancy smartphones or laptops you just spent a fortune on, get back to the drawing board and think again.

Please do not go back to high school style flirting
If a girlfriend you had in high school couldn’t hold herself together after a compliment on how her eyes were forged in the heavens or something, it’s best not try it with a cougar either.

Aim where you can reach
If you are a movie genius or up to date with latest phone models, it is good and well. In fact, a cougar can be happy to learn a thing or two. But better keep it at that. Don’t try to quote fancy things you have no idea what they mean.

What do older women look for in young men?

Another important thing to be familiar with is the things that cougars look for in younger men.

When men reach 50 years of age, their desire for sex declines sharply. Interestingly enough, women have a great appetite for sex after 45 years. The only reasonable option for some women is to look for younger sexually active men.

Older women are more satisfied after foreplay done right and professionally more than they are after hours of hard sex pumping. Older men are usually not into foreplay and are hard to manipulate.

The pleasures of life
Younger men are still new to the world. They will enjoy trips to new places, try new things, and are eager to please.

Young men will rarely expose a pot behind that shirt. Like womanly beauty for men, women can’t contain the desire for a man’s maintained masculinity.

No strings attached
The woman is mostly in control of a cougar relationship. This means that they can spend all the hours they need at work and with friends without someone needing to know what they were doing. In any case, the relationship can come to an end whenever either player is not okay with it.

What to do when dating a cougar

First of all, find out as much as you can about her. That is the best way you can know what to do and not do.

Try to be as honest as you can. Too much energy spent in trying to hide details will exhaust you in due time. If you can’t be honest, you will hardly enjoy the relationship as intended.

Remember to be confident in yourself. Although the woman may be in control of the relationship, they still can’t help but to admire the man in you. Stand with your decisions, as long as you have arrived at them for the benefit of you both.

All in all, don’t be too rigid. It is always important to listen to new ideas and change your ways when necessary.

Can a relationship with a cougar really work?

It mostly depends on what you want. If you are looking for someone to start a family with, you may be looking in the wrong place. In any case, women are biologically incapable of making children after their 45th year.

Cougars are best to spend quality time with and explore new things in life with. The sexual fantasies you have had and wished to try with your girlfriend can come to life when dating a cougar.