Top Tips for Dating Cougars Every Man Should Know!

If you’re dating game’s poor when seeking cougars, affairs and relationships could crumble before they’ve even begun! Lucky for you, virtually anything can be researched online, and you have power to transform your clout without spending hours endlessly scouring the net.

If wishing to rocket cougar success and discover squarely what most cougars pine for, here’s essential techniques to enhance your dating success and exclude failure.

Top Tips for Dating Cougars

Sex isn’t everything

Many cougar relationships revolve around sexual exercises. But not all companionships with older women are identical, and it’s important to recognize this before proceeding. Older ladies have far more sex experience anyway, and may prefer warmhearted cuddling and sharing life stories instead.

Establish what you’re looking for

All dating variations require this! We all desire differing qualities when forming relationships, and ground rules must be created. Sit together and openly discuss your needs. You can factorize whether this relation will work dependent on inclinations mentioned.

Don’t play

Many younger men think ‘player’ attitudes are sensuous and tantalizing. Whilst this may ring true for young women, older cougars won’t have diligence to withstand it. If you mess around and deceive from day one, it’s unlikely she’ll stay.

Never cancel

Similar to the player analogy, never cancel plans unless necessary. Making pledges you’re not loyal to is time-wasting and irritating, with many cougars not willing to condone. If regularly canceling and she becomes thwarted and feels unwanted, expect her to stray.

Put her first

Older women boast experience. Therefore, if convinced you’re using her as an emotional crutch 24/7, she’ll be unfulfilled and dissatisfied. Place her needs before yours and guaranteed she’ll be appreciatively receptive.

No cheesy chat up lines

You’re not in high school anymore. No matter how smooth you think your lines are, they won’t impress a sophisticated cougar. Charm her with ambition, maturity and intellect as opposed to creepy cringe worthy one-liners she’ll hate.

What do Older Women Want in Younger Partners?

Now we’ve established certain strategies when dating cougars, it’s vital you’re aware of what they seek. Individual differences applied, a cougar’s emotional and physical needs must be met to achieve enduring relationships.


Whilst stereotypical, it’s likely high priority. It’s scientifically proven women over 50 experience instinctive increased sex drive, whilst an older man’s lust usually declines. A straight cougar needs a fit male with stamina to satisfy her, and sexually attractive young men fit the criteria instead of older, declining partners who can’t hold pace.

Greater foreplay

It’s no secret women are more sensual than men. She wants her lovemaking to be gratifying with unparalleled pleasure; long-winded foreplay a large component. If you don’t satisfy this requirement, she’ll have zero troubles going elsewhere.

No strings attached

Successful, career-focused older females are busy. Therefore, they don’t have time for clingy young males constantly texting. She wants to live life as normal regardless of dating, yet know you’re there whenever needed.


This may appear confusing. If cougars want mature men, why not just settle with older guys? The fact is, negatives associated with older men far outweigh the bonus of maturity. Many sassy cougars desire youth and fitness on greater levels, yet don’t have time for immature boys with no drive, ambition or bold personality. Getting the balance is key, and rest-assured she’ll say if unhappy.

How to Set a Date With a Cougar

You can absorb as many cougar-related tips as humanely possible, but they’re utterly fruitless without manning up and arranging hot dates! Being truthful is key, and if casual sex is all you’re after make sure she knows. She’ll likely desire the same.

Be confident, and her attention’s yours. No sexy, elegant older woman wants to spend time with someone awkward, apprehensive and scared. Show her who’s boss without overdoing it, and she’ll want to meet. Figure out her hobbies and interests, and plan dates centered on that. A little effort goes a long way, and if you show caring attention with date plans she’ll be putty in your hands!

Can Cougar Relationships Last?

There’s unfortunately no solid response – it solely depends on your chosen cougar and whether aspirations align. If both seeking serious companionship that’s awesome, and the same goes for frivolous sex. Provided you’re entirely upfront about your relationship goals, you’ll eliminate the chance of confusion.

But if you desire contrasting objectives and can’t compromise, the relationship is doomed before beginning. That may sound harsh, but there’s no point pursuing something without proper longevity. Be open-minded yet strong with your yearnings, and you can’t go wrong.