Ultimate Dating Advice Tips for Women From Men – Do’s and Don’ts from reviews and books

If in a romantic companionship with a man, you may require nothing else. And whilst it’s splendid to feel overjoyed, if you’re incomplete there could be something superior hovering elsewhere.

Men and women are equally baffling, and there’s some serious do’s and don’ts to follow if you want to accomplish ongoing ultimate happiness. So whether in a gloomy relationship or single seeking togetherness, here’s top dating tips you can use immediately!

Dating Advice for Women From Men

If a heterosexual female, what better place to receive the right advice than from men themselves! Only males can accurately say if your current strategy is enticing or unsuccessful, so here are effective methods of skyrocketing your seductive magnetism with dating advice for women from men.

Do first date research

Many women unquestionably speculate it’s a man’s job to enact stimulating date ideas. And while this is somewhat true, men love nothing more than women unafraid to speak their mind. If you’ve got a cute date notion, the best advice is to tell him! He’ll not only find it attractive and sexy, but will respect you for deciding.

Be positive

Especially if scarred by negative past experiences, you may instantly imagine the worst scenario and have unhealthily pessimistic views towards dating. And whilst this isn’t entirely your fault, it’s a rough approach. An intensely positive demeanor will make you feel better and help your personality shine bright.

Be confident

Regardless of who you’re dating, nerves are inevitable the first time. However, appearing confident is a leading way to instantly attract males. While men sometimes like control, they love women bursting with self-confidence, affirmation and self-love.

Don’t mention past relationships

Obviously this heartily depends on the overall vibe, but a general rule of thumb is avoiding previous exes altogether. Would you like it if he was constantly telling stories about previous girlfriends? As time progresses it may become an appropriate conversational topic, but on the first it’s always preferred to resist mentioning.

Try again!

Unless your first meeting was horrendously dreadful with zero sparkle, there’s no harm in second chances. If things weren’t as great as originally hoped, there could be many reasons. Perhaps he had a rocky day? Or feeling unwell? Stressed? Instantly saying no to second dates because they weren’t 100% fantastic is a little narrow-minded, and you could unknowingly pass-up Mr. right through negative stubbornness.

Further Top Dating Tips for Women

Now you’ve received some actionable first date advice, it’s time for extending knowledge to second date advice and beyond with more dating tips for women. As mentioned, never completely disregard someone if the first meeting wasn’t perfect – giving another chance will provide maximum confirmation.

It’s also vital to extend search radius. If you work 8 hours daily without searching elsewhere, how will you realistically meet someone outside work? Going to bars/clubs is ideal for meeting guys, and using dating apps, websites, and absorbing online web-based advice can be hugely beneficial.

To achieve optimum dating success, branching away from your comfort zone, being brave and trying new things is significant. Might seem scary but when you find your soulmate it’s invaluable!

Warning Signs – Safe Dating Advice for Women

We’ve concentrated on how you should act and approach meeting new people. But a paramount component of dating is safety. Whilst someone may seem tremendous and tick every box, there’s definitely serious dating advice for women regarding warnings and dangers.


Whilst obvious, location isn’t a factor many daters take seriously until in too deep. Particularly prevalent among online dating because of wide location coverage, is meeting someone who lives 30 miles away an acceptable plan? Practicality must be considered alongside raw emotions, and geographic distance is no.1.

Too busy

Massively important throughout early relationship stages, being ‘too busy’ is a massive red flag. If someone genuinely wants to connect, they will make quality time. And if they’re continually saying excuses about being ‘busy’ and not having ‘free time’, there could be something else occurring behind closed doors to explain lacking enthusiastic effort.

Not meeting your needs

This is tricky, because it usually happens through no one’s fault. If you’ve been dating a while yet feel he isn’t satisfying your cravings or providing everything required, you must ask two questions: Am I willing to settle for less? Or being too demanding? Weighing-up both answers will provide confirmation.

Best Dating Advice Books for Women

With the advancements in modern-day technology, reading magazines and books is often disregarded. However, the best dating advice books for women have been massively effective when providing tips, techniques and strategies to clinch dreamy men.

The best starting point is reading book reviews, as this provides instant gratification of value. If various sources have spoken positively, it’s likely worth time and money. Books provide a somewhat slower approach, but the detail provided is invaluable in helping women worldwide find their perfect match – and keep him from straying!