8 Dating advice, tips for women from men – Do’s and Don’ts from reviews and books

You might be doing just fine in a relationship, but who says you can’t do much better? The thing with relationships is that there is no limit to how good they can get. The more effort you put in, the better the relationship you will find yourself in.

The one thing that most TV shows and movies have in common is the agreement on the fact that relationships are pretty gruesome. Slight unintended mistakes can have far-reaching, undesired consequences.

While men can also be complicated, they are way simpler to understand compared to women. In fact, it can take years before a woman totally falls in love with a guy. It is no wonder that they get hurt the most after failed relationships.

In this article, we are first going to look at 8 dating advice tips for women from men. After that, we will look at other general dating advice for women from other sources.

8 dating advice for women from men

Do some research and no more
It is okay to find some insights on first date advice and such. However, it should not go beyond that. Don’t fill your fantasies with preparations and ideas of where you are going to be taken. You may be excepting a trip to Africa just to find yourself in a nearby coffee shop.

Be careful with your meal choices
Most first date advice platforms agree that meal choices in the first meetings are to be made with care. Since the first meetings are more about knowing each other, go for simple meals that will allow for a lot of free time.

Take confidence in your beauty and skills
Try not to appear and feel intimidated even when dating older men. It creates a tense environment and a very awkward one. The man may be forced to run to a bathroom to confirm he is not an ogre.

Be a player in the game
One of the greatest turn-offs for men is women who are just there to be seen or whatever. Try to take part in the game as much as you can. Start a conversion sometimes. Give the man a reason to be interested in you and find something to get interested in him. For example, you could offer to pay the bill on one occasion. The man will want to pursue the mystery in your way of doing things compared to what he might normally see with other women he has dated.

Skip the high school thing
The last thing a man wants to hear are complains about how little love you have for a certain girl or such. Try mature conversations. It is one of the reasons that some men prefer dating older women. Also, remember to be appreciative in an honest manner.

Understand you are not in a war
A common trend with girls is to get super defensive whenever approached. Surprising enough, that character trait will persist even when in a serious relationship. The problem is that no man wants to be so close to a time bomb. Try friendlier gestures like smiling, hugging, or even hand holding.

Leave the past behind
Don’t expect your new man to kiss just like your ex-boyfriend kissed you. In fact, banish the memories of a past relationship as much as you can.

Give it another try
Always give it another chance if things don’t work on the first dates. Once the tension between you two is cleared, things will most likely improve.

Best advice and dating tips for women

Here is a list of the other best advice and dating tips for women that can help:

Expand your boundaries and searches. Restrictions such as not dating co-workers or not dating friends have the most garbage in them. If you spend about 8 hours at work for example, who else do you think you will date?

Have some boundaries. All the same, the boundaries should not keep you from trying new potentially exciting things. You can always tell your man that things aren’t working that way. Don’t be surprised if the man cheats on you or goes on to find and meet local cougars just to escape some tight boundaries you had created for him.

Try to be as honest in the relationship as you can. Energy and time spent trying to hide emotions and other things make it hard for you to identify possible lies in your man.

Avoid being an annoying extrovert. As much as expressing your emotions and desire may be very helpful, remember that your man also has needs and feelings that require your attention.

You can always try a dating site or one of the best apps to meet cougars. Online dating sites have better results in cases such as older men dating younger women and such.

Warning signs with dating advice for women

Below are some warning signs and potential dangers that make up a very important part of complete and right dating advice for women:

  • The first warning sign is not having the ability and mostly the urge to help your man with a difficult situation.
  • Be on the lookout for occupations or contracts that will cut communication and physical intimacy out of reach.
  • Tense environments where no one wants to bring up a troubling topic.
  • Always seeing fault in the results, whether by the man or by the woman.
  • Lastly, if you are being tempted or actually cheating, it may be the start of your relationship’s end.

Best dating advice books for women for best advice

Books and magazines may not be the thing for you. However, you may be surprised to learn the number of relationships that such information sources have saved.

Browse through reviews for the best dating advice books for women and start there. You can also consider magazine releases that focus on relationship issues.

Although online advice and stories can help a bit, books and magazines provide a more intimate approach. Since books have more freedom of space and time, you can learn all that is needed step by step: from first to second date advice and such.

All in all, try all sources of advice that you can access. This includes going for unlikely tips on subjects such as dating Asian women and such. As you will find out, a lot can be done to better or save a failing relationship or marriage.