Features Men Hate in Older Women – Where You’re Going Wrong With Dates

The incredible advancement of dating websites makes finding, attracting and meeting local cougars effortlessly easy. For older women, dating has little relevance to experimentation and careful analysis; it’s about flowing conversation and vibrant fun that typically accompanies younger guys.

However, females are often burdened with the responsibility of holding romantic unions together for extended time. Leading to resentment and eventual relationship breakdown, the cause of disintegration can remain a mystery unless openly talked through with complete frankness and honesty. And whilst you may feel you did everything to save the relationship, you perhaps didn’t handle things appropriately.

5 Ways Older Women Drive Men Away

If noticing your man retracting, it could be a combination of these components:

Invasion of privacy

It’s attentive and caring to ask him questions regarding his day. But if you interrogate him about his actions, friends and whereabouts, he’ll feel his privacy is being utterly violated. Unless with logical reasoning, don’t constantly enquire about his location and plans – even mature men will grow sick of it. But if possessing genuine reasoning to feel concerned or worried, there’s zero harm asking. If he becomes defensive and refuses to explain, suspicions are confirmed.

Holding grudges

If treated terribly in the past, letting go is essential. He doesn’t want to hear relentless tales about how you’ve been wronged, cheated and hurt. Perhaps mention during early dating stages, but no further. Holding bitter grudges and being stuck in the past will drive any mature man to negative distraction, and it’s not a healthily positive mindset for your mental state.


If overwhelmed with love rapidly and falling hard and fast, delay declaration. Even if you’ve found Mr. Right, leave decent time before showering him with loving emotions. And ensure it’s reciprocated to avoid embarrassment and heartbreak. If revealing your intense love too quickly, he could freak out and withdraw his affections through fear of increased early commitment he doesn’t desire.

Too attached

If constantly joined at the hip and hate spending time apart, this could be overwhelmingly annoying. Remember, you had a perfectly good life before you met and you should still retain independence and space. No man wants a woman who won’t allow freedom – this is where the derogatory phrase ‘ball and chain’ originates! Striking the right balance of spending quality time together and being independent is vital for longevity.

Making him feel inadequate

If routinely comparing him to previous partners or criticizing his sexual bedroom ability, he’ll feel incredibly emasculated. Men can be sensitive too, and he doesn’t want to feel second best. If your needs aren’t satisfied and he’s not hitting the sweet spots, subtly inform him as opposed to getting agitated, frustrated and cruel.

How to Improve Your Relationship

If you’ve analyzed certain personality traits and realize errors, you can improve your relationship if on the rocks. Physical bonding is key, with men typically responding better to touch-based activities rather than fanciful words.

You must prove your maturity and independent nature, and show you’re settled. Regardless of age, a man wants someone happy to spend time alone without complaining or neediness. Supporting yourself is essential, as he’ll retract if he’s your emotional crutch and financial resource.

When Should You Say the ‘L’ Word?

This is subjective. Time is of the essence, and you mustn’t jump in and demonstrate love too quickly. However, you’re both active adults and if feeling right there’s no questioning it – this solely depends on your personal situation. But it’s recommended to wait until you’re positive he feels equally smitten. This way, you can both say it simultaneously for a truly romantic moment.

How to Know the Relationship Will Last?

Instinct is paramount, with your gut doing the hard work. If fully content with no worries, your relationship is fine. Despite the odd bicker, feeling inherently happy and stress-free is a guaranteed indicator of relationship health.

But if your partner’s acting strangely distant, there’s no harm asking what’s wrong. If your traits are to blame, try adapting and eradicating the cause of his distance. But only do this if he’s 100% sincere, as altering your attributes for a man who may leave anyway is a huge kick in the teeth.

Relationships are challenging – no one said it was easy! There’s thousands of self-help guidance books out there but no one knows your relationship like you. Trust your heart and follow your head.