8 good reasons to date an older woman – Why to consider or forego mature Cougar dating

Dating an older woman can be exciting and in fact full of life transforming benefits. In any case, you will be looking into the future through someone else’s eyes.

The problem is that our society may not be that ready to give you a kiss on the cheek for boning an older woman. But who cares? How has the same society treated the heroes who have spent 50 years in marriage?

At the same time, an issue such as entering into a relationship with an older woman needs a lot of prior weighing of options.

8 good reasons to date an older woman

Honesty in the relationship
A successful cougar relationship demands that both parties be familiar with their responsibilities and play the game right. In most cases, an older woman is very clear on what she wants. It makes it very easy for you to play the game.

The conversations are the greatest
A good conversation is sometimes all you need. It’s never better than with an older woman. Their life experiences have taught them a great deal, not to mention the clichés such as they don’t have the language of young girls.

Better understanding
Older women can get be very understanding. They have encountered a lot of difficult situations and know how to get out of the same.

Open mindedness
If you are not learning something new when dating an older woman, you definitely are doing something wrong. They are very open to new ideas which you can explore together.

Transformation to maturity
Sometimes, you need someone to show you what to do rather than to tell you what not to do. If you don’t want me to play video games, why not have us take a trip in a steamboat?

You feel appreciated
It definitely is not easy to please an older woman. When the pickup lines and simple gifts don’t work, men usually get very frustrated. But wait until one of your jokes or conversations have moved her; the world will seem all yours to take and rule.

A lot of motivation
With time, it gets on a man’s nerves that he is not the one providing for financial needs. What better way to address that other than getting a job?

The sex and passion is the best
Older women can be viewed as a certain store that never runs dry on surprises and flexibility. If you want her to be passionate, passion is what you will get. If you need her to be a gymnastic in bed, all you need to do is ask.

Reasons why you may not want to date an older woman

Anything with advantages must also come with some drawbacks. Below are some reasons as to why you may consider passing up a relationship with an older woman.

They are hard nuts to crack
You can spend several months or even years trying to figure out what the woman wants or how she thinks.

The insecurity issue
You may not want to get caught cheating on an older woman. The worst thing is that they are very good at telling or suspecting when you are cheating on them.

Long-term complications
After the 45th year, women are biologically incapable of making babies. Since most cougars are 40 years and above, it can get pretty hard to start a family.

Women who are “old girls”
It has been pointed out by philosophers that women do not mature further once they have surpassed 18 years of age. To test the theory, just observe a group of women from different ages. They laugh, hug, and get pretty comfortable with one another, much like they are age mates. It may be difficult to date a woman you apparently are intimated by only to find out that she is just an “old girl.”

Is it right to marry an older woman

The issue of right and wrong is complicated, to say the least. Is murdering a person right or wrong? Well, it is wrong according to society and most governments. But wait, the person was intending to murder me first! In that case, maybe murdering him was not wrong.

Much the same can be argued about dating an older woman. Don’t expect society to get any flexible just for you. If you are into it, just go ahead and date an older woman. In any case, we have seen successful celeb couples go for older woman-younger man relationships.

How long can a cougar relationship last

The very moment the woman feels like you are more of a burden or baby than you are beneficial, the relationship will probably be doomed to end soon. The women can end the relationships at will.

For the man, a lot is expected in getting flexible enough to maintain the relationship. The best approach is to give it all you have and enjoy things while they last.