The Best Places to Find Older Women to Date – Common venues to take your search for Cougars

Stories from men systematically dating cougars are often full of fun and incredible sex. But sometimes, these relationships can result in marriage, leaving many wondering whether cougar-style unions are truly casual.

If you’re keen to pursue an older lady whether for lighthearted sexual activities or something purposeful, unearthing cougars is often tricky. And if connecting with your dream woman, enticing her to date is a whole new confrontation! But the first crucial step is knowing where to look, and this article will reveal the top destinations to find hot cougars – locally and online!

Best Places to Meet Older Women

The Gym

Because of potential competition with younger females, cougars are typically obsessed with looking opulent and staying in-shape. You can often find them working-up serious sweat in your local gym, making this the ideal opportunity to advance. And if you look good yourself, you’re more likely to catch their eye. You can also try running routes through park venues.

Pubs & clubs

Perhaps the most obvious, everyone knows how common it is to meet significant partners whilst on wild nights out. And cougars know this too. Regularly frequenting local clubs and bars for enjoyment, look out for self-confident, fun-loving women spending their time with girlfriends on the dance floor rather than surrounded by other males.

On vacation

Most people enjoy vacations to getaway from the hassle of everyday life, and cougars are no different. Especially if wealthy and affluent, rich cougars love to visit exuberant beach islands and luxurious city-based hotels, so watch like a hawk during your next vacation. And if you’re lucky to live within an infamous tourist hotspot, even better!

Coffee shops

Cafes and nonchalant restaurants offer a less intimidating scene than buzzing clubs and loud bars. Next time you’re ordering a cappuccino or iced latte, look around and you’ll likely see multiple older women sitting alone. Attempt to achieve eye contact, and even offer to buy her a coffee if feeling confident.

The mall

Whilst stereotypical, sophisticated cougars love shopping! Whether for clothes, shoes or bags, you can often find a plethora of older ladies leisurely strolling the mall and splashing the cash.

How to Meet Older Women on the Internet

We’ve discussed physical locations for meeting cougars, but the best is coming. The internet invention has transformed the way we live, connect and interact, and meeting companions follows the same process. The sheer amount of dating websites dedicated to cougars is astronomical, leaving you literally spoiled for choice.

Efficient and quick, conduct an easy Google search to find elite cougar dating sites. Many are free to join, and even offer profile enhancements for a small fee. Such paid packages can include greater search filters, wider location radius and even the power to video chat and exchange email-style messages. Flexible and effortlessly convenient, meeting older women online is a game-changer and guaranteed to improve your entire dating success.

Another possible route is via social media. Whilst commonly associated with younger women, cougars have a social presence too! Whether through Instagram, Facebook or Twitter, identifying an attractive profile and reaching-out is simple. Direct messages can be sent within seconds, as can Facebook friend requests.

However, whilst the internet is a brilliant meeting source, it’s vital to remain wary and vigilant. Fraud is extremely prevalent, and you could be at risk of scams if careless. Provided you remain on-guard and report anything deemed suspicious or strange, you should remain safe online.

How to Locate Older Women Locally

Mobile dating apps make this instantly achievable. Many can be quickly downloaded on iOS and Android devices, and you’re ready to join within minutes! Dating apps boast specific location preferences you can select. If you’d rather stay local and only view profiles within 10 miles, you can. Or if you prefer branching-out and searching further afield, dating apps will oblige. Taking control over location requirements is easy.

However, because of dating platform popularity, competition is gigantic. Millions of single cubs and cougars worldwide use them, meaning for every hot cougar you view thousands of other males are probably viewing her too. Standing out from the crowd is essential if you’re serious about meeting women online, so having a witty profile with super attractive photos is crucial.

Precautions When Meeting Older Women

The cougar fantasy is incredibly sexy and irresistible to many younger men, to the point they forget to be sensible. Cougars are typically 40+ years’ old, meaning large age gaps are rife. Whilst unproblematic if casual sex is required, if the relationship develops into something serious it could wreak havoc.

Different ages often signal contrasting aspirations and relationship preferences. The only way to ensure you’re both on the same page is to ask, and be fully open with your needs.