Things Older Women Shouldn’t Tolerate In A Man – Identify the Right Time to End It

Hugely enticing traits of older women are capabilities and freedom. Often financially independent and free as she pleases, an older girl wants her partner to mould to that. If in a lousy relationship where she feels stranded and trapped with nothing to acquire, she’ll likely feel dejected rapidly.

However, knowing the precise correct time to terminate a companionship is very tricky especially with deep emotions involved. Friends may provide hints, but the ultimate decision is yours.

Signs It’s Time to Let Go

Treated as second best

If he treats you as inferior, you deserve way better. Name calling or belittling you are key signals, and if administering this behavior publicly it’s time to say goodbye.


Whilst a no-brainer, many older women cling to their partners despite being victims of cheating. If you suspect your boyfriend can’t control animalistic impulses and is unfaithful while dating you, confront him. There’s no excuse for such cruelty, and you’re deserving of someone superior.

Too dominant

If unwilling to respect your sexual desires and hell bent on fulfilling his mischievous delusions in the bedroom, this needs addressing. If he agrees to compromise your relationship may survive, but if unrelenting and selfish you’re sexually incompatible.


If rarely interested in your likes, interests, hobbies, friendships and family, perhaps he doesn’t care as much as you originally thought. A guy who genuinely cherishes you will automatically comply with your personal life, being keen to meet your loved ones. If not, he isn’t worth your precious time.


No sophisticated older lady wants to be with a man acting like a child. If he stuffs dishes in the sink without cleaning them, is obsessed with video games and seems incapable of washing his own underpants, he needs a babysitter not a life partner. If pandering to him and acting like a secondary mother figure with household chores, he’s a burden not a boyfriend.


If he rarely holds your hand, cuddles or emits romantic gestures like buying flowers, carrying heavy bags and opening doors, he’s clearly blind to gentlemanly ways. Some men are simply tuned this way through little fault, but if it’s bothering you it’s essential he knows. If showing conscious effort to change this is a good sign, but if continuing his lazy ways without listening it’s time to find someone new.

No shared goals

During deep future related chats, if apparent you share no similar aspirations or dreams, the relationship’s doomed. There’s zero point sticking with someone with zero long-term potential, and it’s important to establish this quickly.

Hung up on his ex

If he’s in a solid relationship with you, he shouldn’t consider his ex whatsoever. But if regularly mentioning her and complaining about previous treatment, he might have deep rooted issues regarding past relationships. As his current partner, this isn’t your responsibility as his attentions should be firmly on you.

When to Let Him Go

Despite clear indicators, physically letting go of someone you’re romantically involved with is challenging. It primarily depends on what you’re seeking from this relationship. Despite being an older woman, if marriage and children are firmly within your sights and he appears uninterested, don’t abort the relationship immediately. Test the waters and see if his mindset alters.

But if solely seeking fun and companionship, you don’t want to painfully linger with a man who doesn’t satisfy your desires – both sexually and emotionally.

How to Find the Right Man

There’s no denying love can be located in unexpected places, especially for older women. Gossiping with friends and frequenting local restaurants, bars and pubs is great to meet compatible older guys. And if being a cougar is desirable, meeting younger men is often easier!

But undoubtedly the most efficient, successful method finding Mr. Right is online dating platforms. Hugely effective in connecting like-minded people from a simple button click, the array of options is second-to-none. You can explore guys you wouldn’t otherwise be exposed to, and potentially meet your soulmate.

However, online dating can be a manifestation of scams and fraud. Whilst many websites are legitimate, there are some operating solely for scamming procedures. So ensure to conduct research before enrolling, and if noticing anything sketchy report it.

What Man Best Suits Older Women

This completely depends on personal preference, as everyone desires differences. But recent statistics show more young men are beginning relationships with mature women, suggesting cougars are rising! Typically stronger than younger women, older girls hold a great fantasy attraction for a plethora of young guys.

A younger man signals a free spirit. Often providing sexual prowess and fun, they’re hard to resist. However, such relationships are rarely long-term and rarely develop into anything serious. So if meaningful companionship is your goal, opting for a similar aged man is likely to best suit.