Best flirting tips for older dating women – how to effectively win any man over

Sometimes, winning a man’s attention can prove way much harder than anticipated. This is especially true when it comes to real-life situations you may find yourself in.

Unlike younger women dating older men, the man is not necessarily always the one to make the first move. Days are gone when women would be judged badly for making the first move.

Older women know what they want and are not afraid to tell that to the world. In fact, men can’t help but admire the confidence of a woman who will not shy away from reaching out for what she desires. In any case, not all men are courageous enough to approach a seemingly independent woman.

Flirting tips for older women to win men over

After deciding to make the first move, you will not want it to look awkward or worse have it backfire on you. For such reasons, the move must be a calculated one. Below are tips that can help:

Kill the intimidating side of you
You might not realize it, but it can be that you have been keeping men at bay. Men naturally want to feel as the heads in a relationship. They will rarely make a move on a fancily dressed, all-serious woman. As a sign of encouragement, make it appear safe and friendly to approach you. It can start from something as simple as a smile.

Start a conversation
Normal pickup lines rarely work on older women, a fact that men understand all too well. This leaves men in a dilemma on how to kick-start a conversation with a woman they may be interested in. you can always consider taking the initiative and starting things up. Normally, it depends on the environment you are in. You can always start with a causal question such as which type of drink they would suggest or which sport they like most.

Encourage him to go on
You don’t want to give the impression that all you really wanted to know is which types of drinks are available in a certain club or something. To this end, try building on the conversation based on the reply he offers. You can consider building the conversation to a point where you will enter a challenge.

Get a little flirty
You may want to show the man that getting naughty a bit will not ruin things. Comments like he is a rude boy, he can’t handle you, he wouldn’t want to share you, and such can get things done. A sarcastic tone builds a form of challenge for the man and he will be keen to beat.

Show him the mature side of you
The man will need to know that he is not rolling with yet another one of his girlfriends; you’re not that sort of woman. You can, for example, ask ‘what, are we in high school?’ or ‘I stopped doing that a decade ago.’ This way, he knows that you already have some principles and experience in life.

Utilize body language
Body language can do and say much more than spoken words ever could. For one, body language can encourage the man. Second, it can tell you if the man is interested in what you have to offer. Try gestures such as maintained eye contact and hand touching. Keep an eye on how he responds to your conversations and the advances he makes to your gestures.

Invite him to a ‘next time’
By the time you are convinced that he could be a good catch and that he is into your ways, it will be the best time to lay the foundation for an actual date. Use any of the details he has provided to you regarding the things he likes doing. If he loves skating for example, let him know how much you would like to hear all about skating or actually go for an actual skating adventure. It doesn’t have to be that you love skating for sure.

Flirting steps for older women

Movies can make flirting look too easy. It is actually very hard without practice in real life. Here, we are not talking about the flirting you can do with your co-workers or just any other male friend. It is more about the flirting you do with the intention of winning a guy’s attention.

First, you will need to dress for the occasion. You don’t need a Rolex watch or a Porsche to do this. Some shades, a long slit, and slightly exposed cleavage would do.

The next thing you will need to work on is your posture. Hold your face high, shoulders back, and your chest out. Maintain eye contact when in a conversation. If something you don’t have enough knowledge on comes up in a conversation, don’t torture yourself with wild guesses. No one knows everything.

It will require that you work out the most admirable feature in you. Every woman has that part of her body that men’s eyes find comfort in. Invest most of your efforts in making that part most obvious. Don’t shy away from showing and welcoming compliments on the same body part.

Finally, you will want to show an interested man that you noticed their attention, but not desperately. The way to go about this is to respond to eye contact, ignore it for some seconds, and glance back. The glance will be mostly what he will be waiting for.

Things to avoid when flirting

The last message you want to send is that you are either desperate or forcing the whole flirting thing. Desperation can be identified from the way you respond to attention. If a man, for example, keeps finding a reason to kill a conversation, he is not the kind you want to waste your time with. Continued attempts to fire up another conversation will be a sign of desperation. It will be worse if you are to go about holding his hands or something of the sort.

A forced flirt is much worse. It is very similar to a forced love plot in a movie. It mostly starts with the accessories employed such as shades, slim pants, high heels, or boots. If you are not comfortable wearing any of such items, believe me, the world can tell it from a distance. You will be attracting the kind of attention mostly reserved for cartoon TV shows.

Another way you can tell a forced flirt is through failed attempts to use slangs and clichés that don’t quite fit the moment. It can also be about the posture or walking style you have chosen. Finally, staring in attempt to make eye contact will tell anyone that you are forcing a flirt.