Top Flirting Tips for Older Women – Win Any Man!

Winning a man’s affections is demanding if other females are fighting for his attention. Gone are the days where women making advances was frowned upon, and females making advances is more prevalent than ever.

Older women know precisely what they want. This is a massively attractive trait for many males, admiring the confidence of a lady brave enough to grab what she longs for. However, not all men are robust enough for handling a self assured female, requiring a softer flirting style.

Ultimate Flirting Advice for Older Women

Don’t Intimidate

You may appear intimidating and aggressive without realizing! Men love strong women but don’t want to feel antagonized, so adopting a more delicate vibe could be helpful. Gently smile and look encouraging, and the hard work is complete.

Start chatting

Cheesy pick up lines rarely work for females, as men rarely respond positively. Instead, opt for a subtler approach and simply start a conversation. Ask how his day or night is, and take the initiative to learn more. The worst case scenario is he’s disinterested, in which case chat elsewhere! Handling rejection is key for this technique, but once mastered it works a dream.

Ask open questions

Provide endless scope for him to offer detailed answers and don’t ask basic questions. Opt for insightful queries regarding his loves and hates, and establish what you have in common.


Achieving the correct touch balance is vital, and when administered correctly it’s powerful. Don’t lean in for a kiss after a mere three minutes of talking. As time progresses and you’re feeling comfortable, subtly brush his shoulder or knee to demonstrate interest. Males respond very positively to physical touch, and adding a little during the initial flirting stage is a killer move.

Show maturity

A bold advantage you possess over younger females is maturity level, so ensure he recognizes this. Act sophisticated and show you’re not like the naive girlfriends he’s had. Discuss life experiences and if impressed he’s assuredly finding you irresistible.

Maintain eye contact

There’s nothing worse than attempting to engage conversation with someone constantly looking elsewhere. Look into his eyes as he’s talking, and show you’re completely immersed. This will validate your interestedness and give him opportunity to gaze into your gorgeous eyes.

Suggest a next meeting

If this initial conversation has sparked significant attraction and appeal for both parties, there’s no shame in laying foundations for an actual date. For too long have women felt it’s a man’s job to do this!. Don’t hesitate to suggest another meeting if genuinely keen, and he’ll surely appreciate your boldness and accept.

Carefully note interests he’s mentioned throughout your chat, and utilize when establishing cute date ideas. If he loves ice skating, suggest an outing at your local ice rink. Or if he’s a drinks connoisseur, recommend swanky bars for a cocktail master class.

Things to Avoid When Flirting

Now we’ve pinpointed precisely what to do when attracting your ideal man, it’s time to focus on avoiding negative aspects. Bad flirting is terribly cringe worthy, and may ruin your chances of clinching more dates!


If you’ve exchanged numbers and communicating via text, don’t bombard with constant messages. Interpret his responses and act accordingly. If he’s logically ending your chats and the conversation’s come to a natural end, don’t fire up a brand-new topic. Being clingy toward a distant man is a total deal breaker, and he wasn’t worth your time anyway. Analyze his behavior and adjust your communication.


Being yourself is paramount. If putting on an act and portraying too much enthusiasm, he’ll see through the transparency. It’s better establishing you don’t connect rather than forcing a fake union guaranteed to implode when you can no longer maintain your persona. Be unapologetically yourself and the right man will appear eventually.

Bad language

If speaking to someone for the first time, hold back on swearing or vulgarity if this is your normal vernacular. If you’re someone who loathes profanity, the last thing you want is someone constantly dropping F bombs during your first conversation. Politeness and dignity is important, and maintaining a sense of decorum will provide additional intrigue.