Best Free Cougar dating websites online – Top sites No Credit Card Needed for Hook ups

Cougar dating is no longer a new trend or even something to be embarrassed about. Nowadays, different types of relationships are being practiced with absolute freedom.

Older women are mostly looking for fun from younger men while the latter men are usually in pursuit of financial support as well as to share their life and sexual experiences. Cougar dating is described as a mutually benefiting relationship.

Today, interested members can choose between paid and free cougar dating sites. Both have their pros and cons, which are used to determine the best option to go with. In this article, we will look more at free websites where you can find and meet cougars online.

Are free cougar dating sites absolutely free?

The first thing that interested members wonder about is if free cougar dating sites are actually absolutely free.

With such sites, there are several options that you may encounter. First, some websites will allow you to join for free. From there, users will be required to pay a certain fee to access special features.

Free websites might also offer the option of ranking your profile higher if a certain fee is paid. This reduces competition and increases the chances of finding the best cougar to date.

There are other cougar dating websites that will not require any of your credit card details. Rather, they will rely on tactics that allow them to make money online. Here, websites rely on options like paid ads and promotional redirect links.

Websites that offer a dating app for women may also rely on fees needed to upgrade such apps.

Limitations of free cougar dating websites

Free cougar dating sites come with a number of limitations. Although they are great places to start from, there may be the need to consider a premium option later. Below are the most notable limitations:

More competition
Free memberships attract hundreds if not thousands of young men trying their luck to hook up with a cougar. This means that the chances of finding the right match are greatly reduced. It is even worse if the profile headlines are unappealing.

Communication difficulties
Cougars are usually very busy. To connect with them successfully, short emails and instant messages are the best options. Without a premium service, you most likely will not be able to send direct email messages.

Profile rankings
Premium members are given a priority in regards to profile rankings. Their profiles are the first to show up both before and after searches.

Fewer credits
Credits allow for specifications in a search for particular traits in a cougar. Credits will, for example, allow you to specifically search for cougars in certain age groups, marriage status, and such. Chances are high that you will require such credits to meet local cougars.

Premium services provide notification areas on the dashboard where members can keep track of new members. This increases the chances of hooking up with a cougar who is less competitive.

Limited Special features
Special features are designed to guide you through online cougar dating and in fact make the process much easier. The features range from mobile apps, dating advice for women, drive to share private photos and the like.

What to look for in best free cougar dating sites

Any free cougar hook-up site is a potential target of fake scammers looking to take advantage of naïve and desperate users. In fact, more than half of all free websites to meet cougars online are to be avoided at any cost. Below are some of the features to look for in the best free cougar dating sites;

Active users
Free websites will definitely attract a lot of users if it is legitimate. Since many fake free websites provide fake numbers, try searching for more information on google traffic.

Design and user interface
The design of a website can tell much on how legit the website is. Ignore websites that provide sexual graphics and links to third party unrelated websites. Ensure that their user interface is updated and easy to navigate.

Cougar pictures and profiles
You don’t expect things to be perfect in the real world. What I mean is that cougars don’t have to appear as models on provided profiles pictures. To ensure that you are not being attracted to models rather than real cougars, run several google searches on profile pictures provided to find their real source.

Live cams
It is very unlikely that a cougar will invite you to a live camera chat. Live chats are a sign that the website specializes in hookers or porn for that matter. You definitely don’t want to join such a free online website.

Fake messages
Once a profile has been set, it can even take weeks before getting messages from potential cougars. It is even worse when the profile headlines are unappealing to say the least. You can start by setting up a blank profile. If messages are flooding in the next moment, they definitely aren’t anything close to the real thing.

You don’t expect any best cougar dating sites to redirect you to other websites. Since most of these free websites are actually not offering any of the required services, they will redirect you to adult websites or something similar. That is definitely a sign of fake cougar dating website.

Where to find top free cougar dating sites

A simple search on the internet for top free cougar dating sites will definitely return you a lot of search results.

Start with going through reviews provided for such websites. Rather than a search such as top 100 cougar dating sites, start with something like top 10 free cougar dating sites. From the reviews, note down about 3 sites that appear in more than 3 reviews.

Another approach is to search for sites in UK, USA, and Canada. Such nations have strict laws governing website contents and operations.

You can also consider free cougar dating sites in Australia. In fact, a good number of cougar websites specialize in connecting users based in Australia. Russian women dating websites have also gained a lot of popularity lately. They may be a good option if looking for Asian cougars.

It is very important that you take your time to identify a legitimate free cougar dating site before joining one. Remember that fake such sites will come with all sorts of attractive offers designed to throw you off course.

Paid vs free cougar dating sites

So which is the better option between paid and cougar dating free websites?

It mostly depends on the effort you are willing to dedicate and funds you have at your disposal. If you can afford the particular fee required, premium services are much better.

If on the other hand, you have a lot of time but limited funds, free websites can be a great option. The most important thing is to ensure that the features to look for in best free cougar dating sites discussed in this article have been looked into.

Remember that you can always register in more than one website. In fact, the best approach is to set up profiles on 3 different websites and compare the results. With time, you will be able to identify scammer websites and avoid them.