Facts and Myths of Cougar Relationships – The Complete Truth About Dating Older Women

With their infamous reputations and negative connotations, cougar relationships receive the brunt of aloof and snobbish opinions. So for specific young men seeking sex or long-term companionships with older women, this unethical prejudice can be enough to completely hinder their desires.

But it’s imperative to remember your preferences are one else’s business. Provided you’re not being harmful or dangerous toward others, opting to date cougars is a totally normal ambition. But because of their still unaccepted nature, cougar relationships are cluttered with untrue bizarre myths. So if you want to determine the differences between biased cougar rumors and straight facts, keep reading.

Facts About Cougar Relationships

Mutual benefits

It’s wrongly hypothesized the only benefactor in a cougar-style relationship is the woman. The young man is simply there to be her plaything; an accessory to call upon whenever needed. But this is not the case, with mutually exclusive advantages experienced by both members. The female typically revels in having sex with a dynamic, energetic younger male, and the man enjoys financial stability and learns from her life background.

Cougars don’t just want affairs

Whilst it’s true plenty of existing cougars are married and willing to cheat on their husbands with a younger model, there’s many other sexy older women who are single and ready to mingle – with no marriage ties or children to worry about. The solid facts are these; what a cougar wants depends on the woman herself. If you know she has a husband and still find she’s pursuing you, it makes sense to assume a saucy affair is on her mind. But if a singleton, she could have other agendas.

Cougars are mainly divorced

It’s estimated 9 out of 10 cougars are divorced, which further emphasizes the lack of substance in assuming all cougars want to cheat. With 90% of these women free of marriage and looking for hot fun, virtually nothing is out of bounds.

The sex is amazing

With age comes sexual experience, a quality many older women possess. During sexual encounters with satisfying older females, you’re guaranteed to have a life-changing time. Helping you identify the authentic nature of your own sexuality, and teach you brand-new techniques, tricks and positions, regular sex with a worldly cougar is not to be sneered at.

Myths About Cougar Relationships

Cougars are predators

It’s routinely figured that cougars are crazy, obsessive man eaters who creep around in clubs on the prowl for young meat. But that couldn’t be further from the truth, as it’s usually males who chase and pursue cougars before grabbing her undivided attention.

Young men don’t enjoy being part of affairs

Whilst this may be accurate for young males who seek cordial companionship with their dream cougar, most couldn’t care less about being involved in a marital affair. If their cougar is married and cheating, some men find the casual nature of affairs rewarding and convenient, as they’ll receive regular exciting sex without feeling forced to commit.

They don’t last

This is incredibly subjective, as every paired companionship is different. While stats show most cougar relationships terminate within the first 5 years, this isn’t a defined guarantee. Affairs can be either short or long-term, and it stringently depends on the desires of both parties.

Important Factors of Cougar Relations

For a plethora of younger men, dating a cougar offers the best of both worlds. Receiving titillating sex with no strings attached is the stuff of dreams! But before diving in and getting highly strung, there’s multiple crucial factors you must consider.

Lifestyle diversity

Like most age gap relationships, differing lifestyles are to be expected. Whilst the young man may love spending every weekend on nights out with his buddies, the older female will likely be past all that and prefers pampering herself with a rom com. While you may have things in common, accepting inevitable lifestyle inequalities is crucial to keep the peace.

Difficulties if wanting to start a family

Many cougars have been there, done that and got the t-shirt. Most are married or divorced with existing children, and the thought of having more kids at an older age might freak her out. If you as a young male wish to start a family one day, wasting time dating cougars and shunning women your age could be hugely detrimental for future endeavors.

Great responsibility

Some cougar relations are strictly sex based with little emotional connection, whereas others can require a surprisingly high degree of responsibility. Even if she’s not interested in calling you her boyfriend, if she witnesses younger females pursuing you she will likely become possessive. She won’t want to share you, and will demand your complete attention when together.

Are Cougar Relationships Worth It?

The simplistic answer is this: you won’t know until you try! If you’re seriously considering engaging in cougar affairs and can’t eliminate it from your head, trying is is the only method of confirming conclusions. But if you’re solely intrigued by cougars because it’s fashionable, trendy and swanky, steer well clear. Pursuing relations for the sake of appearance and status is extremely risky, and will likely end in tears.

It’s also important to consider why your chosen cougar wants to have affairs in the first place. Is she lonely? Miserable? Desperate? Understanding her individual needs is crucial for knowing the score, and if you’re on the same page these relationships can be fabulously convenient.