Facts and myths of Cougar relationships – The complete truth about dating older women

You would love it if your mother was to access your browsing history in which you were comparing the best wedding venues near you. None of that can be said about the possibility of your mother finding a search history fill of ways to find and date cougars.

It is only with the age of the internet that cougar relationships are growing in popularity. Movies and TV shows have also popularized the trend a bit.

While most people will move to criticize the idea of dating a cougar, very few know what it actually entails.

Facts about cougar relationships

Mutual benefits
Both the woman and the man are bound to gain something from the relationship. The woman mostly enjoys great sex while the man benefits from the experience and financial support.

They are relationships not trends
It is not just one time that we have seen an older woman getting married to a younger man. If both partners are to play their parts well, healthy relationships can be built with time.

The sex is definitely great
If it is about exploring more sexual adventures, dating older women may be the best approach. Such a relationship can also help you discover the true nature of your sexuality.

More cougars are in pursuit of serious relationships
Contrary to what most experience, the greater number of older women looking for men to date is in pursuit of serious relationships. They are done with the cheating and plotting involved in teenage dating.

Most cougars are divorced
About 9 out of 10 cougars out there have experienced marriage lives. This means that they may be feeling the urge to go back to a serious relationships with the right match.

Myths about cougar relationships

Cougars are predators
Most people assume that cougars are these creepy old women in clubs who will take advantage of younger men the moment a chance arises. The truth is that younger men are the ones to struggle before earning the attention of a cougar.

Men aren’t into the relationships
It is natural to think that a man would prefer a woman they are in the same age bracket with. Well, nature is not always predictable. There are many out there who find more comfort in the circles of older women.

The relationship is a drawback
Young men are supposed to be building on their careers rather than dating older women. An older successful woman should be enjoying the fruits of her struggle rather than wasting time with a younger man. The truth is that couples in a cougar relationship work by complementing each other.

Cougar relationships don’t last
Statistics show that genuine cougar relationships last for 5 years and more. In fact, a good number of them end up in marriage. Just like any other relationship, break-ups are common and to be expected.

Things to know about a cougar relationship

Diversity in lifestyle
With the couples being from different age groups, different lifestyles are to be expected. For the women, shared accommodation may be the last thing on their minds.

They can be challenging if looking for a family
In their younger ages, men and women are best suited to start a family. Since young women are likely to have had families earlier, a lot of challenges may be encountered by the men when it comes to having children of his own.

A lot of responsibility is called for
You may think that cougar relationships are for the irresponsible lot running away from ties and such. Surprisingly enough, a lot is demanded from couples in such relationships. For example, older women can get very protective and will not entertain any case of shared attention.

The relationship is two way
Although cougars can get bossy sometimes, it doesn’t mean that they are in full control of the relationship. In fact, it can be a good opportunity for the man to approach maturity.

Are cougar relationships worth a try?

The best approach to help you arrive at an informed decision is to think of cougar relationships just as any other relationship.

If you are ready to give it a shot with any other form of relationship, dating an older woman doesn’t need to be an exception.

In any relationship, the most important thing is satisfaction and comfort to both partners. It will be of no good to date a younger woman who you can only spend an hour with.

Another important thing to consider is the reason for considering the relationship. If you are there to benefit from the woman’s finances, the relationship is likely not going to last that long.

If you are in the relationship out of your own will and mostly not due to financial pressure, it is most likely that the relationship will work.

If you are to dating an older woman because it is trendy, don’t bother. But if you go with what your heart tells you, you definitely are going to arrive at the best decision.