How Older Women Know They’re in Love – When to Take Things to The Next Level

By the time you’ve reached your fourth decade of life, you’ve been told ‘I love you’ countless times with its authentic meaning being confusing. It requires a lengthy period of time to establish precisely how it feels to be entangled in love, as it’s a powerful emotion difficult to comprehend.

But feelings wrongly mistaken for genuine love can be devastating, especially for the recipient of illegitimate affections. Muddling love for sexual lust is challenging, but it’s vital you achieve this to avoid hurting future people.

How to Know You’re In Love

Intense urge for intimacy

If constantly feeling drawn to him and continually wishing to be intimate, you’re in deep. This urge is caused by a series of bodily chemical reactions designed to instigate sex and closeness. You know you’re in love when you don’t require sexual contact, but are happy cuddling close on the couch and sharing personal stories.

Thinking of him constantly

If he’s consistently whizzing throughout your brain, he’s clearly a robust part of your life. This emotion is stereotyped toward whimsical younger women, but infatuation is an integral part of falling in love.

Loving them entirely

When you recognize his bad traits yet don’t allow them to affect your feelings, you’ve been bitten by the love bug. But if his negative attributes stir frustration and annoyance within you, he’s not the one.

Picture him in your future

If you imagine your life in 5 years’ time and see him engrained, your emotions are genuine. If imagining your life without him is bleak and desolate, with his addition bringing brightness and tenderness, you’ve got your future husband sitting there.

Comparing before and after

If he’s inherently transformed you into a better human, your compatibility is strong. If you compare your personality and life choices from before you met to now, if there’s significant improvement and you’re loving the person you’ve become, you’re onto a winner.

Physical Signs You’re In Love

Another great method of establishing lovingness is analyzing your physical responses and behaviors when he’s around.

Always smiling

If you catch yourself automatically smiling whenever you see him, this is a sure indicator. When totally unconscious and you’re unable to trace the origin of your smile, your man is the culprit!

Talking all night

If conversation’s never stilted and always have topics to discuss, you’ve got a keeper. Incompatible couples regularly force talking for the sake of it, without having genuine interest.

Less time with the mirror

During the early stages of dating, it’s natural to obsess over your appearance. But when falling deeply in love, you care more about your feelings. Obviously you’ll still maintain looking good, but stressing over which eyeshadow or dress to wear will pale into insignificance when in true love.

Comfortable touching

If you don’t think twice about resting your head on his shoulder or placing a hand on his knee, you’re transparently very comfortable in his company.

Can an Older Woman Fall in Love With a Younger Man?

Unpredictable and potent, love can occur when you least expect it. Cougar relationships are stereotypically associated with casual sex, but this is a false concept.

There’s nothing stopping older women and younger men loving one another, provided they’re both accepting of their feelings and willingly progress their relationship to new levels.

Why Older Women Love Younger Men

Physical attractiveness is a paramount feature, as it’s usually the primary attention grabber for mature women. Younger guys are naturally more alluring than older gentlemen, their strong bodies and smooth skin being too much to resist. But this attribute only accounts for a small portion of the loving process, with many other qualities older ladies value.

Maturity and humor is vital. Whilst stereotypically aligned with older men, these traits are equally present in younger males provided you locate the right one! Young guys aren’t granted enough credit for maturity levels, and their sense of humor is typically second-to-none. Able to brighten any room with their presence, a younger man is infectious and captivating .

Freedom to explore is also a large love boomer too, as connecting with a youthful man will remind a cougar of her own younger years. Reminiscent of playfulness yet offering the perfect balance of sexy maturity, there’s a plethora of reasons why older women love young men.