How older women can tell they are in love – when to take things further to next level

By the time you reached the 20th year of your life, you probably had said or had been told the ‘I love you’ thing so many times that its real meaning ended up confusing you. It happens all the time, and real-time communication platforms have done much to contribute.

It can take a long time to actually understand how it feels or what it means to be in love. In fact, a good number of men who are dating older women still find themselves entangled in feelings they can’t quite correctly identify.

But as you may already know, feelings mistaken for love can and might have devastating effects. This is especially when sexual intimacy is involved. As it happens, it can be quite hard to tell sexual attraction from real love feelings. But it is only hard when you are not familiar with the signs to look for.

How to tell love from other feelings

Great urge to get intimate
It is common that you keep thinking about a young man that you had some quality intimate times with. What is causing that urge is a series of chemical reactions in your body. They are meant to encourage another intimacy session since the body undergoes a number of healing processes during sex. The body wants more of those good chemical reactions.

Identify the man’s likable qualities
There definitely are those qualities that you wouldn’t have any other way in the man you are dating. Try identifying a number of them. From there, see if the qualities are actually beneficial in the long run. If not, the attractiveness in him will wither once the qualities are gone.

Evaluate his weaknesses
Love is about breaking up and coming back together. Any relationship that doesn’t undergo this phase is based on lies. You will need to evaluate what his weaknesses are. Remember that they will be the ones you will be finding the hardest to overlook when getting back together. If you can only manage to overlook them a few more times, no real love will hatch from the relationship.

Picture him in your future
However vague they may be, we all have pictures of our futures somewhere in our minds. Try imagining the man in your future. Does the picture brighten up or become vaguer?

Compare before and after performances
When were you a better person? Before or after meeting the man? You can start with comparing your work performance results. From there, see if you have improved your emotional status. If the man was to leave, for example, what would you lose the most?

What do you think of him
The very first picture that forms in the mind when you think of the man is very important. It determines how your body responds to the urge to develop actual love feelings.

How often you think of him
The only thing older women are better than younger women at is reacting to feelings. Otherwise, the same intense urge to do crazy things when in love would still be there. This involves staying awake in the night thinking about a guy.

Signs that you may be in love with him

Another way to go about it is watching your own responses when the man is around. Here, let’s look at some signs that an older woman is falling for a younger man:

Friendly facial gestures
You may find yourself staring at him even without your knowledge. When he looks, it becomes hard to resist a smile, and you can’t trace its origin.

Conversations come from nowhere
Nothing is perhaps harder than maintained dialogues, especially for people who haven’t known each other for long. With Mr. Right, it just happens that the right topics align for you and can go all night.

Deep interest in his love life
Being jealous can be a good indication of very strong and probably love feelings. It can be that you feel a certain dislike for his ex who probably hurt him. But mostly, it is about failing to stand it when another woman flirts with him.

Caution when talking about your love life
You may find that a joke you used to make about something that happened in your love life suddenly lost its humorous part when the guy is around. In fact, you prefer thinking about it if you were single. If another guy is to hit on you, you will feel the urge to discuss it with your man.

Finding time to get private
The funny thing about love is that it doesn’t appreciate being shared at all. If it suddenly has occurred to you that you feel best when the two of you are alone, it may be that it is love that you are feeling.

Your time with the mirror hikes
It is very natural that you suddenly become bothered by a pimple you have on your face when falling in love with someone.

Touching feels very comfortable
Until now, it can be that his hand on you feels like some soft pillow you can bury your face into for the rest of the day. Suddenly, it seems like you want him to keep coming even if it’s impossible for your bodies to move closer.

Can an older woman fall in love with a younger man?

Of all feelings, love is perhaps the most sophisticated and unpredictable. It can take just a few seconds of eye contact to fall in love with a younger man.

History has proven that true love can develop between an older woman and a younger man. The most important thing is to give it time before deciding for sure what the feelings actually mean.

When high stakes are involved, you can always consider professional help.

Why an older woman might fall for a younger man

Physical attractiveness is usually the main attention-catcher older women find in younger men. It is a sign that they can provide the intense physical intimacy older women enjoy so much. All the same, it may only account for less than a third of all cougar relationships.

Older women are very much attracted to maturity. This includes the confidence to make own decisions and the boldness to take risks. The last thing an older woman wants is to be babysitting a man they are supposed to date.

Another attractive feature in younger men is the ability to gloom a conversation with humor. Dating involves long moments spent in talks about different subjects. The more a younger man is knowledgeable and creative, the better.

Love for exploration is listed in the things that older women look for in younger men. It reminds them of their youth. Exploration also gives a chance for the woman to show off her skills in life.

Finally, older women want to date a man who is keen to learn new things and ready to ditch undesirable traits of his youth. They love it when a younger man steps into maturity under their watch.