Build the Best Older Woman Dating Profile – Tips to Receive the Most Online Attention

Regarding online dating as an older woman, a well crafted profile is make or break. Winning attention of suitors and receiving messages is vital to secure dates, and an eye catching profile guaranteed to woo younger men.

First impressions are paramount, and you must ensure yours is tip top to beat all competition. So if you’re struggling to create the perfect profile, here’s some influential guidelines.

Your Profile Picture

A metaphorical flag to represent your entire online presence, your profile picture is arguably the most important component. The first item people will when your profile pops up, it’s imperative you get it right.

Look your best

Appearing sexy and well-dressed is the most attractive option to choose. Select a photograph guaranteed to make men look twice, ideally dolled up for a glamorous event. Think glossy lipstick, manicured nails and blow dried hair with a hot outfit.


Men are most likely to be drawn to colorful photos as opposed to black and white. Despite many males being color blind, colorful pictures are certain to grab their gaze.

Look natural

If your photo’s forced, tense and awkward, no man will approve. Try smiling without compromising seduction. Poised confidence is key, and you need to maintain sexiness throughout.


Whilst your initial profile photo is of great vitality, other photographs are equally important. Try to incorporate a variety of styles and poses, with both selfies and full body shots taking center stage. Facial close ups will provide men with an accurate insight of your true beauty, and body pictures will display the whole package.

Accept help

You can take a selfie or two alone, but you’ll need assistance to achieve attractive full body photos. Ask a friend or even hire a professional cameraman if necessary, as all pictures must be authentic and recent.

Finishing Touches to Your Profile Picture

Before confirming your upload, look out for the following:

Too much skin

You want to display allure, but leaving something to the imagination is crucial. If uploading photos showing at least two thirds of your bare flesh, reconsider. If a man wanted a hooker, he’d join an escort site. You simply want to provide a taster of what’s potentially to come!

Focus on yourself

While tempting to include snaps of having fun with friends and family during moments of good heartedness, resist. Wholly unnecessary in this case, focusing your profile entirely on you is key. And if you secure dates and get to know new guys, this is the time to reveal details of your personal life.

High quality

No matter how awesome you look, a blurry photo will achieve nothing. Ensure every photograph you select is crisp and sharp in quality, with no blurred spots anywhere.

Other Profile Details

Now you’ve selected your best collection of photos, it’s now time to zone in on alternative profile requirements.

Describe yourself

Every successful profile will have a bio with personal details. After all, would you message a guy who only had photographs without any indication of what he’s like as a person? Ensure to use captivating adjectives to describe yourself, and include multiple hobbies too. Whether you’re a keen traveler, cook, singer or sculptor, these are all great qualities displaying a zest for life. It also can’t hurt to briefly state the kind of guy you’re looking for.

Be positive

Including negative facts about yourself will be a turn-off, so be as positive and fun-loving as possible. Obviously everyone has adverse traits, but save revealing those until you’re a few dates in. For the purposes of attracting men and standing out, only mention the good stuff!

Be flexible

It’s great to be upfront about what you’re seeking in males, but don’t be as rigid as a brick. Flexibility is vital, and just because a guy doesn’t possess every single characteristic you want, this doesn’t mean he’s unworthy. Be willing to compromise, and you may just meet your fantasy man.

Improving Your Dating Profile

Now you’ve uploaded your photographs and characterized yourself in a short biography, there’s more methods to further improve your profile and skyrocket success.

Get advice

If you’re unsure about what you’re posting, there’s no shame in asking for help! Approach your friends and ask their opinions. Better still, if you know other older women using online dating platforms, ask to view their profiles for instant inspiration.

Think outside the box

The online dating market is fully saturated, meaning there’s little room to stand out. Thinking outside the box and taking risks is critical, otherwise your profile may blend into the background. Obviously don’t appear crazy and incompatible, but try including information that’s not universal. Almost everyone loves traveling and spending romantic evenings on a candlelit beach, so try contemplating something else.

Regular maintenance checks

The online dating scene is notably fickle, with different trends constantly coming to fruition. Regularly checking profile activity is essential to establish potential wrongdoings. If you notice your message volume is significantly decreasing, ask yourself why. Are your pictures becoming outdated? Is your bio boring? Making changes accordingly is imperative to ensure you continue generating results.