How to date a cougar online – the process to follow to find and meet an older woman

Mass media platforms are rapidly popularizing the concept of dating older women among other forms of relationships. Today, fewer people will waste their attention on judging an older woman holding hands with a younger man on the streets.

Most credit can be given to the internet for facilitating such relationships. Today, top free cougar dating sites can be utilized to find the best match based on profile details.

The fact that many people are doing it can make online cougar dating seem like something anyone can do. The truth is that successful such dating calls for calculated moves which involve a defined process.

What is involved in cougar online dating?

The first thing you will need is to be familiar with what cougar online dating involves. As expected, it involves an older woman dating a younger man.

Cougars are usually women past 35 years of age, mostly in their 40s. In that period of life, women enter a phase of life when they are intensely active in regards to sex. Men, on the other hand, are most sexually active in their 20s and early 30s. This is the age bracket that most cougars start successful relationships in.

Depending on what you are after, different types of cougar relationships can be formed. Some are just looking for partners they can explore the mysteries of life together. Some are on the lookout for someone they can enter long-term relationships with. Before going ahead with it, it is very important that you decide which type of relationship you want.

The main steps involved in online cougar dating

Finding and joining a dating site
There are hundreds if not more cougar dating sites that can be utilized today. Some allow for free membership while others require subscription fees. Paid websites are the best places to find and meet serious older women to date. It is very important that you find and join top rated websites that have a high guarantee of success.

Setting your profile
A profile will be the one aspect that attracts the attention of potential cougars. For this reason, a lot of time and effort should be invested in coming up with the best profile that will beat the competition. You can consider tips on how to set the best profile for online cougar dating.

Making the first contact
Assuming that your profile will attract the desired attention, it will be time to make the first contact with an interested cougar. First, contact is usually done through messages. It is important, for it determines if the woman will go on contacting you.

Exclusive communication
Depending on how things go, the cougar may decide to share with you their phone numbers, contact email address, and such. This is a sign that they are ready to meet you. Most likely, they will suggest a real-life date for further discussions.

How to date a cougar online

This is where the importance of the first contact is realized. It will be the one to assure the woman of your maturity and why she should consider your proposal.

Start with an introduction
The last thing you want to do is start with a first email you would send to a hooker or a teen. Comments such as ‘you are sexy’ are not invited or encouraged. Rather, focus on letting her know why it is that you made the contact. Use the details provided in her profile for reference.

Keep it casual but fun
Since anyone can tell you a reason they would want to meet a MILF, you need to hook the woman’s attention. Find a light joke that will tell more about how you will spend time with the woman.

Show interest in her
From her profile details, find something slight to ask about her. This is to make it known that you have actually went through her profile details.

Keep it official
Maintain well-structured short sentences. Avoid short forms and abbreviations. This is not going to be the same form of texting you do with your friends.

Perform a quick review
Don’t be in a hurry to get the email sent over. First, ensure that your profile is updated correctly. Ensure that a profile picture and profile headlines are present. From there, go through the introduction. Put yourself in the shoes of the woman. How would you like to be approached? Finally, ensure that the message doesn’t sound all tensed and plain. There will be hundreds of such messages in her inbox. If necessary, try again and again, finding help where necessary, to come up with an interesting message that will impress the woman.

What you may be doing wrong when dating older women

Most of the time, unanswered messages are due to mistakes done in composing them.

As we have been observing, the manner in which you make that first introduction is very important. Rather than sending a hundred crappy messages, compose about 5 of your best and try your luck with 5 profiles.

Another thing you may be doing wrong is ignoring the importance of your profile. You don’t expect someone to share a picture of them accompanied by personal details and not expect the same from you.

It may also be that you are not exercising the required patience. If finding and meeting a MILF online was a walk in the park, four times more young men would be doing it as we speak. It requires dedication. Keep up with tips on how to date a cougar, how to improve your profile, best cougar dating sites, and the like. In fact, you may learn something important from dating advice for women.

Which is the best way to date a cougar online?

Basically, there are two main ways you can date a cougar online. One involves utilizing free sites while the other involves the use of paid sites.

Free sites are the best when doing it for the first time. Their main drawback is that they are very crowded and therefore with increased competition. A lot of obsolete profiles are hosted, which makes it hard to identify which ones are genuine. You will want to be cautious when using free cougar dating websites.

Paid sites, on the other hand, are efficient. Most of the profiles hosted are active and from real cougars. They also allow access to specified features with which you can filter your search results. Upgrade fees depend on the features you want to access. Some come at as low as while others may call for or more.

Before you can provide your credit card details, better that you go through the terms and conditions of operation. In fact, begin with going through reviews for the top-ranked cougar dating sites available today.