How to Date a Cougar Online – The Perfect Process to Meet Your Ideal Older Woman

Mass media outlets are speedily popularizing dating older women. This positive feedback means fewer people waste their scrutiny judging an older woman holding hands with a younger guy walking along the street.

The internet is mightily culpable for facilitating such relationships, with a vast selection of cougar dating sites and apps to choose from. But this sheer website volume makes people assume anyone meeting dream cougars requires meager effort, but this isn’t the case. Calculated moves and defined proceedings are necessary to ensure maximum success.

The Main Steps Involved in Online Cougar Dating

Locating and joining a site

There are hundreds if not thousands of dating sites, some granting free membership or requiring paid subscription fees. Generally, paid websites boast greater accomplishments because of the advantages a small fee provides. These may include increased messaging capacity, exclusionary search filters and even accessing more profiles. But regardless of inclination, it’s important you join the best rated websites to avoid fraud.

Creating a profile

Your profile is the most sacred part of the entire online dating experience. It’s the first presentation potential cougars will have of you, and you must make a positive impression. A multitude of time and effort must be utilized to trounce competition, with attractive photos and amusing captions paramount.

Making a move

Assuming your profile will attract desired recognition, the time will come where initial cougar contact is necessary to move forward. The majority of dating platforms provide a convenient messaging system for contacting matches. Send your first message, and if the lady in question responds you’re able to begin conversing.

Exclusive communication

Dependent on how your initial chat performs, she may decide to share her email address or phone number with you. This is a great sign because it suggests she not only wants to contact you independently from the site you’re using, but that she’s ready to meet. During further discussions, suggest date ideas if the vibe is right.

How to Effectively Date a Cougar Online

Now you’ve got the basic online dating steps under your gat, it’s time to focus on actions once the first point of contact is realized.

Impressive introduction

The worst thing you can do is interact like you’re talking to a teenager or hooker. Comments like ‘you are sexy’ aren’t invited or encouraged, and will instantly make her think you’re immature and disrespectful. Focus on telling her why you’re making contact, and ask questions using details included in her profile. This shows thoughtfulness and intent.

Keep it light

Even if she looks exactly like your dream woman, it’s important to remember you’ve not met her yet! Don’t launch in with romantic jargon. Keep your initial interactions lighthearted and funny – tell a joke if possible.

Stay professional

Obviously don’t talk like you’re communicating with your office boss, but don’t use short forms and teen abbreviations. Maintain well-structured sentences and utilize good grammar and punctuation. This isn’t the same as texting your friends.


Proof read messages before you send them to eliminate mistakes, and ensure your profile is updated and looking great. When she receives your message, she’ll likely view your profile once more to remind herself of your details. Ensure you stand out from the masses and entice her to respond back.

Things to Avoid

Unanswered messages are typically a result of errors while composing them. There’s a chance she’s just busy or has perhaps begun dating someone else and doesn’t want to stray, but if you repeatedly get ghosted by every woman you contact you’re probably going wrong.

The first interaction is perhaps the most important, as this is the first ever impression she’ll get of you. Many men choose the copy and paste approach and send an identical message to every woman they match. If your profile’s incredibly enticing this could work, but composing individual messages for each female is guaranteed to achieve better response rates.

And if you’re seeking replies immediately after sending, you need patience! Older women are typically very busy, career focused ladies who don’t have time to be sat on dating sites all day. Wait at least a few days for responses, and if this is too long to handle perhaps online dating isn’t your vibe.

Differences Between Free and Paid Sites

As previously mentioned, free and paid dating websites are available. Each offer their own benefits, and it’s vital you establish which is best to avoid wasting valuable time.

Free apps are the perfect choice when starting out. Providing the experience without fully committing yourself, you can easily test the waters without splashing the cash. However, their primary drawbacks are competition and fraudulence. Because they’re free, they attract an immense number of members where anyone can create a profile. It’s difficult to determine which are genuine, so caution is paramount.

Contrasting paid sites are efficient and direct. You’re not spending money for nothing, and most hosts provide access to specialist features you wouldn’t otherwise receive. Upgrade fees depend on the provider and the features you wish to access.