Must Have Rules for Dating Older Women – Keep Cougar Relationships Together Longer

In relationships, there’s no specific regulations. But to give cougar unions the best chance of longevity, certain rules should be considered. Any instance of humans coming together could cause tiresome conflict if handled incorrectly, so here’s must-have rules to make dating older women happier and successful.

Cougar Dating Rules

Understand what you’re getting involved in

Relationships with older women are different to younger females, and it’s vital you appreciate and master exactly what you’re doing. Whether just seeking delightful sex or the something real, be openly frank with your desires and ensure she comprehends them. If not, major strife and rivalry could occur, with the relationship breaking down.

Don’t emphasize age gaps

You’re both equally mindful of the age gap, making it utterly redundant to mention. Raising it could make her feel vulnerable and unattractive, as she’ll assume her age is a potential deal breaker. Don’t acknowledge unless requested, and if age discrepancy becomes problematic it’s crucial to be honest. Don’t continue if you’re unconvinced of dating older girls, as it’s cruelly unfair to haphazardly lead her on.

Be confident

Take off the wet jacket and be strong. No older lady wants to spend time with a young man who’s lazy, reticent and timid. Maintain consistent eye contact and maintain robust posture. Show her your mature side whilst remaining playful and sprightly, and don’t be afraid to confidently give advice should she ask.

Cement your sex life

An integral component of cougar relationships is mind blowing sex. If an older lady doesn’t care about raunchy intimate relations, she’ll opt for older guys instead. Satisfy her needs and display the stallion you truly are. If unsure how to approach sex with older women, administer a quick Google search for encouragement and instruction.

Never call her a cougar!

Akin to age gap dilemmas, don’t verbally call her a cougar. It shows lacking respect and could appear vulgar and ignorant. She’s fully aware of her cougar status, and won’t want to be reminded.

What Older Women Expect from Younger Men

Foreseeing how an older female companionship will pan out is impossible, regardless of how compatible you deem yourselves. And whilst a grim concept, many cougar relationships fizzle out. The fact is, many cougars are solely seeking hot sex with younger, good-looking males. If this consequently develops into something substantial that’s awesome, but sex is typically the primary factor within these exchanges.

Luckily, many male cubs appreciate and revel in this, thrilled they’re having sex with a racy older woman without crippling commitment. But if you desire something meaningful and worthwhile, cougars may not be the best choice.

An older woman will customarily require regular sex and fun times. If she doesn’t, she may become chronically disinterested and look elsewhere for encounters she desires. It’s therefore burdensome to attempt predicting how accurately your relationship will span, so being open-minded and upfront with your feelings is paramount to ensure you’re on equal terms. And if unsure how she feels, ask! There’s no harm enquiring about her hates, loves and desires moving forward.

How to Know if the Relationship is Working

Pretty effortlessly! Examine how much you know about each other and identify how you’re feeling. If undoubtedly positive and unified, it’s likely your relationship can be considered prosperous and successful.

Honesty and truthful evaluation of emotions is the only way you’ll assemble a meticulous answer. It should also come as no surprise that if experiencing chronic negativity and sadness whilst desperately trying to keep the relationship going, it’s time to consider ending it altogether despite pain.

How to End a Cougar Relationship

As routinely stressed in this article, being honest and candid is key. If things aren’t working and you feel trapped, the only way to release tension and become happy again is to address your issues. If you communicatively agree you can work through them and make things work, superb! But if you’re at a dead end and see no escape, terminating the relationship and having closure is your only option.

No one enjoys an enjoyable relationship coming to fruition, but if it’s what’s best it’s the guaranteed ideal choice.