How to Meet Cougars – Discover the Best Cougar Dating Websites for 2019

Increasing in popularity as time unfolds, cougar dating is more prevalent than ever. Defined as an older woman looking to date younger men, the original stigma of this relationship is overtly modifying. Whilst many remain horrified at age-gap relationships between an older female and younger male, tolerant open-mindedness has significantly helped cougar-style unions become communally welcomed, with plenty experiencing boosted confidence when seeking how to date cougars.

Meet Cougars Online

If interested in ensuing natural connections, meeting ideal companions is easier said than done. With many feeling abundantly forced to go clubbing to meet cougars, your safety could be compromised with little accomplishment overall. Luckily, the online dating market has recognized these perils, and single-handedly provides cougar-daters with mechanisms locating ideal partners from home! Specifically designed to match older women with younger men, there’s a mixture of cougar dating sites available.

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The sheer volume of websites out there could be considered both a good and bad thing. Yes, you’re provided with ample choice, but how do you know which are most likely to provide coveted results? In this article, we’ll explore predominant features you should look for when browsing cougar dating sites, and what’s classed as instantaneous red flags.

Positive Features of the Best Cougar Dating Sites

Below, you’ll find a comprehensive inventory of all segments that should be present on today’s best cougar dating sites.

Membership plans

One of the most positive quirks of online dating is flexibility, and any righteous site will offer multiple membership packages. If just starting, it’s recommended to stick with free options first. You’ll explore how to meet new people and find cougars without fully committing emotionally or financially. You can then pay an itemized fee moving forward for tailored services and advice for where to find your ideal match.

Large amount of active members

Any safe, reputable dating site should display an accurate number of registered members. This information is legally available publicly and free, giving potential new recruits an instant sense of how vibrant and active the site is. The best cougar dating sites usually have between 6-15 million current members.

Protected encryption

Whilst this may seem shocking, certain sites don’t defend their member’s private details. Therefore, cheater scammers can sneakily hack into your profile and delve into your hidden communications with varying members. A site’s encrypting status and reputation is essential, meaning it’s crucial to investigate the company behind the site and how many years’ experience alongside stocked certification.

Email confirmation regime

If you enlist as a new site recruit, you must check emails for confirmation requests. Any product or service worth checking out will require you to confirm the correctness of the email address provided. If they don’t ask for this and no reviews mention it, the site could be phony with shifty rationales.

Free vs paid

As earlier mentioned, choosing free membership plans is probably the most pertinent strategy when beginning. However, if a site ONLY offers free participation and includes zero paid expansions, it could be dangerous. It’s relatively common for entirely free dating sites to be rife with scamming falsehood, and they typically hold a much lower success rate than sites providing optional paid packages.

Area of coverage

This typically comes down to preference. If you don’t want to restrict yourself and hold keenness to meet cougars regardless of location, sites operating with international coverage will best suit. But if only interested in meeting potential dates within localities, you’ll need a site that’s specifically targeted. Most legitimate websites offer both, and it’s up to you to decide which coverage radius you desire.

Ease of use

A major plus point of online dating is quick convenience. Therefore, you don’t want to waste time swiping a site that’s incredibly complicated to navigate. A solidly good cougar website will be transparent, and seamlessly keep-up with all current technology changes while keeping safety and welfare of users top priority.

Professionalism & customer care

A contact address and live chat system should be easily accessible, and premium customer service present 24/7. Remaining professional is also a top feature you should seek, as unnecessary graphics and inappropriate ads could ruin your entire dating experience if overwhelmingly coarse.

Instant Red Flags of Cougar Dating Sites

Now we’ve identified and discussed primary characteristics you should expect from a legitimate cougar dating site, it’s time to focus on negatives. Whilst we’d all love to think every cougar website out there is squeaky-clean and safe, it’s unfortunately not the case. But with this guide, you’re equipped to notice any immediate warning signs.

Fake profiles

Fake profiles are a major concern for all online dating areas, not just cougars. And the chilling part is, it’s so easy for people to do without being caught! Add a bunch of attractive photographs illegally obtained from social media and create accompanying profile details – yet it’s totally fake and not reminiscent of a real person. There’s no hardened method of avoiding this. You must remain on guard and conduct thorough online searches for profile image sources. This will save infinite disappointment in the long-run.

Instant contact

If you create a profile and instantly receive messages despite minimal images and zero details about yourself, don’t get too excited; this is typically a massive red flag. While it may appear flattering and confidence-boosting to receive an influx of instant messages, it’s important to remain grounded and realise they’re probably fake. Genuine, authentic messages from real people will appear within days or weeks, as they need time to discover your profile.

Instant demands

If you begin chatting with someone and immediately receive demanding orders to meet/exchange numbers, avoid entirely. Many profiles advertize themselves as 100% bona fide and sincere, but they could represent shadier motives. Folk could fashion interesting-looking profiles but be solely working for third party websites constructed to capture naive newcomers toward counterfeit webcam platforms.

Are Cougar Dating Sites Really the Best Place to Meet Cougars?

There’s no strict yes or no answer to this question. Where you effectively meet cougars and achieve the most success is down to personality and specific circumstances. However, because of its ease and impressive variance, online dating sites are considered a very beneficial method of making new romantic connections.

Think about it: would you rather spend an entire night in a busy, sweaty club hoping to hook up with the cougar of your dreams? And probably achieve no success? Or would you rather spend a mere half hour creating a profile, and identify and chat with your ideal companion from the comfort of your couch?

Better still, cougar dating sites are often extremely cost-effective. Instead of blowing money on club entry and drinks, you might connect with hundreds of enticing cougars for a miniscule membership fee.

Are Cougar Dating Sites Safe?

Provided you do adequate research and eliminate bad options, sites offering the chance to date older women are notoriously risk-free. Obviously if you opt to join a site full of the above-discussed red flags, you’re strongly putting yourself at risk of being disappointed and scammed.

Once you’ve matched a budding date, you can further increase safety by doing detailed research into them personally. Without being intrusive, it’s important their area of residence, financial status, and professional job matches what’s stated in their biography. If not, the profile could be fake.

Knowing Which Cougar Dating Reviews to Trust

As previously mentioned, reviews are a vital tool when scrutinizing any dating service. You can locate legitimate reviews by conducting a simple Google search to find top cougar sites. You can also join local cougar discussion forums to see whether a website has already been discussed in a thread. And if not, you can create your own discussion topic and learn from other cougar dating enthusiasts.