Important Things to Know Before Dating a Younger Man

When dating young men, women contemplate many questions. Are younger guys worth it? Will I benefit? With various thoughts whizzing throughout your brain, connecting with young men can appear intimidating.

Some cougars perceive youth is necessary for vibrancy, sexual stamina and energy – someone who won’t bore them to tears with discussions about politics and science. Many mature ladies crave imaginative fun, and budding younger men triumph over disgruntled older gentlemen.

But before targeting a man your junior, there are plenty of attributes for consideration. Every relationship has pros and cons, and it’s vital you’re aware of precisely what awaits when involving youthful men.

Things to Consider When Dating a Younger Man

Social Limitations

If your relationship’s blossoming, you’ll introduce him to your friendship group. And no matter how strongly you sell him, they may disapprove. Unlike girls dating older men, older women dating younger guys comes with unfair blemishes difficult to surpass a stuffy social circle. Opposing friends could place barriers on communal outing potential, because you’ll feel awkward bringing him if he’s unwelcome.

Greater responsibility

If a mother, you’ll have serious explaining to do. How do you justify dating a guy young enough to be your son? This will be especially challenging if your cub partner is of similar age to your offspring. You must accept the grievances and questionable natures of your children. You potentially have lots to forfeit should your cougar relationship turn sour, so persevering and maintaining harmony is crucial for your family’s sake.

Lifestyle alterations

Even with plenty in common, your lifestyle choices will inevitably differ. While he may love spending Friday nights drinking liquor with friends in local stylish bars, you might prefer curling up in front of the TV with a bottle of wine and blockbuster movie. These preference variations will need to be compromised for relationship longevity, otherwise you’ll have no common ground regarding activities to enjoy together.

Amazing sex

A primary reason older women love sleeping with younger men is sexual intensity and power. Your sex life should drastically improve, your experience heightening the entire affair for both parties. Not to say mature men aren’t sexually skilled, just fitness and stamina levels are better in youthful guys.

Unclear purposes

Younger guys are notorious for ambiguity and commitment phobia. Not to say he won’t ever devote himself, but if shady it’s important to ask. His intentions may appear genuine, but if unwilling to open his feelings he may be leaving.

He’ll want kids

Reproducing is a natural human instinct, we wouldn’t conceive babies! So if he’s early 30s or even 20s, having children will cross his mind. If you’re physically unable or simply aren’t interested in kids, it’s vital he knows. You don’t want him to leave for someone younger and fertile – far better to rip the bandaid than prolong inevitable pain.

But if bearing children as an older woman doesn’t frighten you, it’s no issue provided you’re physically capable.

Enhancing Your Relationship

If you’re still keen to pursue younger guys, you may become a successful cougar soon. If so, here’s simple methods of improving relationship prospects.

Be sincere

Fake smiles or unpredictable mood swings will inevitably drive him away. Being yourself with no false pretenses is guaranteed to make him feel comfortable and warm beside you.

Respect his maturity

Whilst younger, this doesn’t mean he was born yesterday. It’s regrettably common for cougars to assume their young partners are naively innocent with little independence or ability. Give credit where deserved and allow him to display his mature side. You’ll find this very attractive and feel deeply connected.

Accept change

Youngsters are infamous for flitting around without settling hastily. Regardless of relationship stability, adapting to change is crucial to maintain contentment. If he feels trapped, he’ll crave freedom and spontaneity. If this occurs, there’s no guarantee he won’t stray for a younger compatible female.

Don’t try to be his mom

He isn’t seeking another mother figure. Offer advice and guidance if requested, but don’t nag or treat him like a child. Allow him to make independent conclusions and he’ll be surely grateful.

Is Dating a Younger Man For You?

Dating isn’t exclusive to one particular arrangement, and people of varying ages easily date. There’s no regulations regarding cougar dating – the only individual able to answer this question is yourself!

Provided you’re content with potential hazards when dating a younger man, if the positives triumph it’s definitely worth it. And if all fails and you’re single again, at least you’re brave enough to try.