Perfect Conversation Topics to Discuss & Avoid With Cougars

When conversing with older women, striking the correct balance is vital. Selecting appropriate topics is sure to indicate whether the relationship will endure, and attract her to your charms.

However it’s important not to sound like you’re reading a tiresome script! Having a defined idea of what you’d like to discuss is helpful, but not to the detriment of being yourself and sounding natural. Forced conversation is an instant negative.

So if you’re targeting a hot cougar and need advice on the best conversational topics, here’s some top subject matters you should choose.

Top Cougar Conversation Topics

Likes and Dislikes

Guaranteed to keep the focus on her, asking about her likes and dislikes is certain to be a fine talking point. Invite her to talk about herself, and she’ll instantly feel wanted and valued. And if she twists the question toward you, be compellingly truthful! Don’t tell lies to impress, and don’t appear overly seductive and romantic if inappropriate.

Current relationship status

Some active cougars are in miserable relationships and seek harmless fun, and some are utterly single and want companionship. Either way, directly asking about her connective status is ideal to get her talking. Mentioning family is great too, allowing you to develop links to her deepest personal circumstances. Past exes is a slight grey area, but worth bringing up if necessary.

Future dreams

Aspirations and long-term goals are a spectacular talking point, because it allows your cougar to show her passions and attentiveness. Discussing the future also signals maturity, as many immature young men are terrified of future commitments and plans. But being frank and open with upcoming objectives will help prove you’re worth her valuable time.


A riveting conversation topic for virtually any pair, discussing travel escapades and adventures is guaranteed to intrigue. If she’s a keen traveler, show interest in all the fabulous places she’s visited, and even ask to see photographs if possible.

Cougar Conversations to Avoid

While there’s multiple areas celebrated to discuss during cougar dates, some themes should be avoided at all costs. To ensure you don’t ruin your chances before the date terminates, keep reading!


That’s right; continually discussing yourself and not bothering to ask her a single question regarding her life is a guaranteed deal breaker. This appears selfish and rude, and may even bore her as the date continues. Regardless of how gripping your life has been so far, don’t dominate the conversation just discussing your own achievements.

Age gap

In any cougar-cub relationship there will be a prolific age gap. But just because it’s an obvious component of your date, this doesn’t mean it must be mentioned! You’re both adequately aware of the age difference, so addressing it is totally irrelevant. In fact, the female is probably more content with it than you are!

Too complimentary

It’s no secret women adore compliments and flattery. But if too overboard, it could freak her out. Obviously tell her she looks beautiful and shower her with other compliments periodically, but spending the entire date saying how angelic and stunning she is may be overbearing.

How to Maintain Communication

When trying to influence older women and capture their interest, achieving the correct vibe has never been more important. There’s nothing more disheartening than watching a young man repeatedly try to win a woman’s affections and fail miserably.

The best way to prolong communication and secure further dates is informality and honesty. Being too formal and rigid with speech is awkward and false, and she’ll likely feel she’s attending a job interview rather than enjoying a date! No one enjoys being interrogated and bombarded with questions. Show her you’re listening and keep conversation flowing and lighthearted. And try your hardest to follow our topical guidelines to ensure you stay on track with talking points.

As your dating relationship progresses, you can obviously take a more relaxed approach. Increasing comfort in one another’s company reduces the necessity for conversation caution.

When to Change Topics When Dating a Cougar

Identifying social cues and signals when dating is tricky, as nerves and a desire to impress likely dominates. But if conversation is flagging and you feel an air of uncomfortableness, altering topic and knowing precisely when to do this is crucial.

If feeling troublesome, simply ask a question discussing something else. And if she enquires about the sudden topic switch, be honest! Tell her you’d rather not discuss it and would prefer to move on. If she respects and enjoys your company, she’ll oblige without objection.

And regarding her responses, you can usually tell a woman is happy if she sounds upbeat, chirpy and friendly. But if noticing a slowness in pace and reluctance to answer, take charge and delicately change the subject to rescue her from awkwardness.