Topics to discuss and avoid with a Cougar – What your conversations should involve

The buildup of conversations between you and an older female you have taken interest in is very important. It largely finds out where the affair is going.

Keep in mind that the concept of ready dialogues, intended to spent good time with a cougar, doesn’t usually work. Try not to make a script; just be yourself.

All the same, you can always get to know a thing or two about the subject matters to talk over and ones to ignore when dating an older female.

Topics to build on with an older woman

Likes and dislikes

The things one rejoices to do are usually the best way to develop an interesting chat. In fact, you will need not compel it. Work by inviting her to tell her likes and dislikes. Once she is done, take the floor and tell her what you like and dislike. Be very truthful. Don’t try to seem romantic or seductive when not applicable.

Previous dates and current connections

Before landing on the problem of people you have ever dated, let a annecdote on your current connections direct you to that. Tell her of your family members and something small about your closest pals. From there, develop a link that will prompt the issue of past affairs you have had. It will feel not enforced. Once you are done, the female will likely take up the progress. You can always ask them if this doesn’t work out as you had outlined.

The future

Not the future as depicted in Sci-Fi, but the future in terms of the plans you have laid ahead. This is a very important part of the discussions you have. It will be a hint of how mature you are. Don’t get incredible about the desire of pleasing her with a big man’s dream. Just be truthful with what you want.

Adventures and explorations

Where in the world have you been? What did you come back with? What place would you like to visit again or for the first time? You can also chat about world-famous monuments. In fact, the female you are dating can get to know a thing or two about famous tourist harbors of the world.

Topics to avoid when dating an older woman

There are some subject-matters that will end up devastating your date and perhaps your affair with an older female. They consist of:


Who can dream of the cruelty of your father for having not bought you a laptop in college? How did your friend expect you to withstand without the phone he borrowed from you for all that time? Well, I guess the right question is who cares? These stories elicit a reaction from your older female along the lines of ‘you are a sucker and a baby’.

Age gap

Both of you are absolutely knowledgeable of the gap in years that separate you. In fact, the female is probably more convenient with the circumstance than you are. If the problem of age gap is to arise, try to cover up the chat by assuring her that you apprehend what that means relatively well.

The angel in her

If there is something an older female has come to find out the difficult way, it is the fact that unicorns are only real in children’s stories. By any chance, stop filling the air will all kinds of compliment about how much you can’t get enough of her smiles and everything. If that doesn’t usually work with younger girls, just imagine what it will do to an experienced female.

My friends and I

Maybe you would probably be holding one hell of a house party with your pals had you not met the female. That knowledge doesn’t need to be considered. Period.

How to hold communications with an older females

It gets very frustrating when a younger man is trying to influence an older female but is just doing it the incorrect way.

The best way is to be informal and truthful. If you are complimenting her, don’t overdo it for any reason. If you are chatting about a certain brand of wine you once had with your father, best to bite your tongue about its name.

Try to keep in the circles of the subjects cited above while ignoring the lower ones. By the end of the first date, it is very likely that a bond will have formed between you two. On the next date, you can take things outdoors; take her to dancing classes for example.

When to change topics when dating an older woman

The best way to ignore chats getting all difficult to handle and uncomfortable is by knowing when best to change or cut chats.

If you are not comfortable from your end, you can try slecting any other the matter in a intimate way. In extreme cases, you can always come out sharp that you aren’t okay with the matter.

For the female, be very keen with changes in tone and the friendliness in her replies. Never persist on a matter she is not comfortable with.

Keep in mind that older females are not that delicate to some teenage-like feelings. They will likely ask obstinate and sometimes vicious questions often enough.